"the Wheel: A New Game Presented By Arthur Is Coming To Tf1."

Arthur is making his big comeback in prime time on TF1 from June 9th with a new game show titled The Wheel. We invite you to discover the concept of this spectacular family game, which is an adaptation of a successful British program.

"What is the principle of this game?"

If you are a fan of game shows and/or presenter Arthur, you will be delighted to learn that he is making his big comeback in prime time on TF1 with a new concept. The game that you can discover starting from Friday, June 9 at 9:10 pm is called The Wheel, the circle of 7 and has the look of a giant Trivial Pursuit! It is an adaptation of a successful British program broadcast on BBC (BBC1 channel more precisely). To qualify for the final, each participant must correctly answer 7 general knowledge questions on different themes. Like in Trivial Pursuit, he must collect all the camemberts to win...

"What is the originality of this concept?"

Despite appearances, The Wheel is much more than just a general knowledge game... This new entertainment promises to be spectacular as each contestant takes their place in the center of a giant wheel with a diameter of 12m.

Even better, the wheel is in motion which makes the game board... hypnotic! The filming set also required significant technical resources with a 360° set design, 2 cranes, and no less than 12 cameras.

"What is the game process?"

In each round of the game The Wheel, 3 anonymous contestants compete to earn a spot in the final. They try to collect as many camemberts as possible by answering general knowledge questions, but if they make even one mistake, they must leave the wheel and let one of their opponents take their place.

To help them find the right answers, the contestants will be assisted by 7 celebrities who are experts in one of the categories. Specifically, for each question, one of the seven personalities will be randomly chosen by the wheel to lend a hand to the contestant.

With the help of more or less expert stars on the subject, all participants hope to win the jackpot, which will amount to several tens of thousands of euros.

What will be the role of personalities in the game?

Even though TF1 has already announced a "great cast of celebrities" to help the contestants, they will not be the stars of this program.

Regarding The Wheel, Arthur stated: "We have put anonymous candidates back at the center of this program and it's fantastic. Even though there are celebrities around, the anonymous candidate is the star and I am at their service," as in the cult game show Deal or No Deal!

During the game, the celebrity who will assist the contestant will be randomly designated by the wheel and "it is not certain that chance will do things well"... The personalities will not necessarily be questioned on subjects they master. This will create comical situations that will entertain viewers!

The atmosphere will surely be good-natured and humorous because, for the first episode of this game, TF1 has called upon actors Gérard Jugnot and Julie de Bona, as well as comedians like Anne Roumanoff and Alex Vizorek.

Will this game be released at a regular pace?

The first episode will be broadcast on TF1 next Friday at 9:10 pm, but it is not yet known if this program produced by Warner Bros will return regularly to the airwaves.

The former host of the iconic game show from the 2000s, Deal or No Deal, on TF1 seems ready to regularly host this phenomenal game, which has also been adapted in Spain, Germany, Holland, Finland, the United States, and Sweden.

In an interview, Arthur stated, "This is the first time in my career that I am presenting a format that I do not produce, and believe me, it was worth it!"

So, will The Wheel return every week or every month to the airwaves? TF1 undoubtedly awaits the ratings of the first episode to make a decision on this matter...

Author: Audrey
Copyright image: TF1
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In French: The Wheel : un nouveau jeu présenté par Arthur arrive sur TF1
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Auf Deutsch: Das Rad: Ein neues Spiel, das von Arthur präsentiert wird, kommt auf TF1.
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