Singapore : 5 Places To Discover The City-state Differently

In recent years Singapore has become a popular travel destination. This craze has been reinforced by social networks and the many places in the country that are spots for successful "instagrammable" photos. Who hasn't seen photos of the famous Merlion, the Gardens by the Bay, the water fountain at Changi airport and of course the famous Marina Bay Sands hotel while surfing the internet? But the country has many other surprises in store for the discerning traveler in search of authenticity. Here are 5 things to do or see in Singapore to discover the country differently.

Climb to Puaka Hill viewpoint

Located on Pulau Ubin Island, 10 minutes away by boat, this magnificent view will offer you one of the most beautiful views of the surroundings, the city of Singapore and the jungle. Ideal for a day trip, take the boat without a schedule, it leaves when it is full... but it can only accommodate 12 people, so the wait will be short and go on a this beautiful island.

Quiet, far from the frenzy of the city-state, far from the skyscrapers, far from the many avenues dedicated to shopping you will find here traditional villages, jungle, old quarries and mangrove... Whether on foot or by bike while touring the island you will go from discovery to surprise in a wild and natural Asia.
Climb to Puaka Hill Viewpoint

Haji Lane and its independent stores

Right in the heart of the city, away from the crowded shopping streets filled with international luxury chains, and right in the heart of the Malay district of Kampong Glam, stroll down Haji Lane and discover its many independent and uniquely styled stores.

Considered one of the most authentic neighborhoods in Singapore, it is both the home of trendy artistic youth and alternative fashion designers, but also the home of cozy coffee and tea houses and small stores where browsing will offer you the chance to discover little treasures of Asian decorations.

Perfumes, textile books, ribbon, tissue paper, street art... Haji Lane and the Kampong Glam neighborhood is a real capharnaum colorful and lively far from the austere and modern Singapore known worldwide.
Haji Lane and its independent stores

Tiong Bahru: the expat district

No shopping malls, no huge malls, no banks... but start-ups, cool cafes and cool people!
Tiong Bahru is the expat district of Singapore, a bit away from the city center and the tourist spots, it is the perfect place to walk around and discover what Singapore might have looked like during colonization, long before the unbridled urbanization it has experienced in recent decades.

Thanks to the presence of many expats, this neighborhood is the most cosmopolitan in the city and just about every language is spoken here. Long neglected, this neighborhood is experiencing a second youth and offers visitors, a new look at the city.

An advice do not hesitate to buy a raisin bread at Tiong Bahru Bakery, a book at Books Actually and a coffee at Forty Hands... you will thus enjoy the sweetness of life of this district.
Tiong Bahru : the expat district

The Eccentric Museum of Art and Science

There are many museums in Singapore, but the city's Art and Science Museum is a good representation of the madness and eccentricity of Singaporeans.

Imagined and designed by world-renowned architect Moshe Safdie, it is meant to be an open lotus flower ready to receive rainwater while for many visitors it represents an open hand facing the sky. In both cases it is meant to represent a Singapore that opens up and turns to the world, to art and to science. A permanent exhibition but especially its numerous traveling exhibitions organized by the world's greatest museums have made its reputation.

If Singapore wants to be the capital of global change, new technologies for the environment and innovative businesses its Museum of Art and Science wants to be the meeting place of all cultures and all arts in motion.
The Eccentric Museum of Art and Science

Bukit Timah Nature Reserve: A Hiker's Paradise

Travel blogs and various guidebooks on Singapore, often neglect it in favor of the Zoo or the Botanical Garden and that's a shame!
Established in 1990 and located more than 10 kilometers from the city's center and business district, the nature reserve covers nearly 164 hectares and offers an incredible dive into a huge equatorial forest. With nearly 500 animal species and over 800 varieties of flowers and trees, many species endemic to Singapore it is a unique showcase for the region's biodiversity.

As a visitor, you can choose from one of its 4 hiking trails depending on their difficulty, indulge in rock climbing, rent a mountain bike or swim in the blue water lake. But of course you can also just stroll around and admire the beauty of nature.

Beyond the traditional tourist images and the instagrammable spots, Singapore is full of little nuggets that are worth a visit. So don't hesitate to get off the beaten track you will only be pleasantly surprised by your trip.
Bukit Timah Nature Reserve: A Hiker

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