Fitness Walking: What Is The Bungy Pump?

Doctors agree that walking is great for your health. However, there is no one way to walk or hike. We suggest you discover one of the most popular sports walks today: the bungy pump.

What is it about?

The bungy pump is a variant of Nordic walking or nordic walking, this famous walk with sticks that has many followers in France and around the world.

But, unlike classic Nordic walking, this new discipline uses sticks with an internal elastic. These new walking poles were invented already a few years ago by a Swedish manufacturer to make the practice of Nordic walking even more fun.

This specific material increases the propulsion of the body with each stride and makes it easier to practice on any terrain, including snow or sand.

What is the interest of this discipline?

With these special walking sticks, the bungy pump allows you to walk even more dynamically.

The interest of this discipline compared to traditional Nordic walking is not so much to walk faster as to lengthen the strides without getting out of breath.

This physical activity muscles more and burns even more calories because, the longer the strides, the more the gluteal muscles are solicited.

Just like Nordic walking, which it is inspired by, this discipline does not only solicit the lower limbs but works nearly 90% of the muscles in the body.

Who is this sport for?

Just like classic Nordic walking, bungy pump is a gentle and very complete sport. This walk with poles solicits the upper body as well as the legs.

This discipline is therefore particularly aimed at all those who need to resume physical activity :
- to regain their healthy weight
- to unlock joints in case of arthritis
- to build up muscle again after a convalescence

More globally, this very complete sport is just right to get back into good physical condition after a long period of stopping sport or convalescence.

The use of these walking sticks has no real contraindication, except in case of inflammatory crisis in people who suffer from osteoarthritis or tendinitis in the shoulders, elbows and wrists.

What are the advantages of this sport?

Bungy pump has the dual advantage of being a sport that is both toning and fun. It allows you to walk while having fun, especially since the poles with an internal elastic band give the impression of moving forward without effort.

Using these poles also helps to straighten the torso to improve posture and breathe widely. Once you find the coordination of the arms and legs and the right rhythm, the movement is very natural and allows you to build up the whole body without thinking about it.

Like all other forms of active walking, Bungy Pump also has the advantage of being an outdoor activity, allowing you to oxygenate and enjoy the benefits of outdoor sports, which are reputed to be better for your health than indoor sports.

Because it is fun and accessible to all, this new sport could give you the desire to move again.

Moreover, to initiate yourself to this new way of walking, you don't need to be a great sportsman or to buy very expensive equipment. The only investment lies in the purchase of the sticks, starting at about 90 € per pair.

Author: Audrey
Copyright image: Terre d'Azur Sports
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