Rice Water For Skin And Hair: An Easy Beauty Trick

The next time you prepare rice, don't throw away the rinsing or cooking water of this grain anymore! Rice water is a precious ally for the beauty of the skin and hair. We will explain to you how to use this ancestral trick of Asian women.

How to prepare rice water?

Rice water is an ancient beauty trick that comes from Japan and Korea and is buzzing on social media and the web. This natural preparation is presented as the secret of beauty for Asian women to have perfect skin and shiny hair.

However, one may wonder how to properly prepare this precious liquid as the preparation methods differ from one site to another. In concrete terms, rice water to be used on the face or hair can be either the rinsing water or the cooking water of this cereal.

In the first case, it is recommended to rinse the rice once and then keep the water from the second rinsing, or even let the rice soak in water for 30 minutes before filtering, as in the sushi recipe...

In the second case, the cooking water of the rice should not be salted. When the rice is cooked, simply retrieve the cooking water and let it cool before using it. The cooking water is reputed to be even more effective than the rinsing water as it is more loaded with nutrients such as minerals, vitamins, and trace elements.

Note: rice water should be refrigerated and kept for a maximum of 6 days.

Which rice to use for these beauty tips?

Whatever preparation method you prefer, use organic rice if possible.

Using a cereal from organic farming is important to avoid pesticide residues (especially if you choose the first method and collect the rice rinsing water before cooking).

As for the variety of rice to use, you can choose either white or brown rice, long or short grain, basmati or Thai rice: it has no impact on the effectiveness of this ancestral recipe!

How to use rice water on hair?

Because it is rich in starch, rice water allows to smooth the hair fiber, strengthen the scalp and tame frizz.

To enjoy its benefits, simply:
• apply it on the lengths
• let it sit for a few minutes like a hair mask
• rinse.

This beauty tip promises you hair as smooth as if you had used a silicone-based treatment!

If you have difficult-to-discipline hair, you can also rub rice water on your wet hair after shampooing like a leave-in hair solution. This trick helps tame unruly hair and close the hair cuticles for more shine.

How to use rice water on the face?

As long as you use organic rice, it is possible to apply rice water on the face, like a toner, micellar water, or mask.

Once the cooking water has cooled, transfer it to a spray bottle. Mist your entire face. Leave it on for a few minutes and then rinse with clear water.

This miraculous water is a good alternative to commercial cosmetics because it contains antioxidants and contributes to cell regeneration. It is even said to have soothing and healing properties for skin problems such as eczema.

Not only does it bring softness and radiance to the skin, but it also has astringent and mattifying properties. This means that it tightens pores and refines the skin's texture. This easy and inexpensive natural trick is particularly beneficial for combination and oily skin.

What are the benefits of rice water?

In addition to being a natural beauty treatment for the skin and hair, rice water also has health benefits.

It can be used as a broth base and consumed to take advantage of its nutrient richness: it is a much more economical trick than buying dietary supplements...

Rice cooking water also contains fibers that promote digestion and are beneficial to the intestinal flora or microbiota. A well-known grandmother's remedy recommends drinking this cooking water to treat diarrhea at the first symptoms.

Now that you know, I bet you won't throw rice water down the sink anymore!

Author: Audrey
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In French: L'eau de riz pour la peau et les cheveux : une astuce beauté facile
En español: El agua de arroz para la piel y el cabello: un truco de belleza fácil.
In italiano: L'acqua di riso per la pelle e i capelli: un trucco di bellezza facile.
Auf Deutsch: Reiswasser für Haut und Haare: ein einfacher Schönheitstipp
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