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Korea Mania: Where Does the Fascination for K-Culture Come From?

What are the origins of the Korean Wave? It is quite astonishing that a country, brought to nothing by decades of Japanese rule and World War II, has managed to dominate in every sphere of global culture. Yet, this is the phenomenon we have been witnessing for the past three decades. From music to ...


K-beauty or Korean beauty: the trend of the moment

Goal of perfect skin Korean women have a cult-like devotion to the perfect skin and are willing to spend a lot of time and money to display a flawless complexion. They spend an average of one to one and a half hours, morning and night, taking care of their skin. They don't hesitate to apply up t ...


Badminton: 5 Unusual Facts About This Sport

and the second most played sport in the world after soccer. The greatest champions in this Olympic discipline come from China, Indonesia, Thailand, Korea, or Malaysia. In Europe, only two countries compete with the Asians: Denmark and England. The International Badminton Federation (BWF), founded ...


Korean Cuisine: 5 Things to Know About K-Food

Korean cuisine is simple and sophisticated. Korean cuisine varies depending on the regions of the peninsula but also, and most importantly, according to the seasons. It honors fresh ingredients that are available throughout the year. The traditional Korean meal mainly consists of rice sometimes mi ...


Surprise your friends with these 10 Original Hams

ose who are watching their figure as it is much less fatty and salty than most raw hams on the market. Mount Jiri Ham, the little surprise from South Korea South Korea is a pork lover's paradise, with more than 55 kilos per person per year Koreans eat pork in all its forms in keeping with the adage: ...


Garden: growing kiwai in 5 questions

ae family (the same family as the kiwi). It is a climbing plant that can grow up to 8 m in length. This perennial plant native of Japan, China and Korea carries deciduous leaves of oval shape and dark green color. The leaves are 10 to 12 cm long and have silky teeth. The fragrant and highly me ...


Rice water for skin and hair: an easy beauty trick

How to prepare rice water? Rice water is an ancient beauty trick that comes from Japan and Korea and is buzzing on social media and the web. This natural preparation is presented as the secret of beauty for Asian women to have perfect skin and shiny hair. However, one may wonder how to properly pr ...