All About Cbd Flowers In 5 Questions

After several legislative stutters, hemp flowers rich in cannabidiol have been definitively authorized in France on December 29, 2022. But are you familiar with the legislation on this subject and the characteristics and properties of this product? We propose you to know everything about CBD flowers in 5 questions.

1- What is the difference between CBD flowers and cannabis?

While cannabis herb is banned in France because it contains a psychotropic substance called tetrahydrocannabinol or THC, CBD flowers contain almost no THC.

With THC levels below the legal limit of 0.3%, these flowers have no psychotropic or euphoric effect. This also explains why they are not addictive.

Unlike THC, cannabidiol or CBD cannot be considered a narcotic or carry public health risks. On the contrary, this molecule is credited with several therapeutic virtues.

2- What are the virtues of CBD flowers?

Even though CBD flowers have no psychotropic effect, they are becoming increasingly popular in France because they are believed to have stress and pain-relieving benefits.

They are indicated to fight against anxiety and stress, but also to promote sleep thanks to a double relaxing and decontracting effect.

They are also attributed virtues against chronic pain such as migraines, painful periods and pain of inflammatory origin.

3- How to use CBD flowers?

Cannabidiol, the active ingredient in CBD flowers, is a fat-soluble molecule. This term means that this molecule dissolves in a fatty substance.

So infuse the dried flowers in oil before taking a few drops under the tongue. If you like the somewhat peculiar taste of hemp, you can also incorporate them into culinary preparations containing a fat, such as cakes or milk tea.

If you want to enjoy the benefits of cannabidiol in the form of flowers, you should know that it is now possible to buy CBD flowers legally, in physical stores but also in online stores like Mama Kana CBD Shop.

Not only is this business flourishing on the web, but France already has more than 4000 stores offering this type of dried flowers.

4- Is the sale of CBD flowers legal in France?

The Council of State has definitively annulled the government order banning the sale and consumption of CBD flowers on December 29, 2022.

Since this date, the sale of flowers is therefore authorized in France, to the great relief of stores specializing in hemp flowers and other products derived from this plant.

This decision could even allow the development of a new industry: the production of hemp flowers made in France. France is already the first producer of hemp for the textile and insulation industry, but these two sectors do not use the flowers of the plant which are however worth gold!

5- Are we allowed to grow CBD flowers in France?

Since the decision of the Council of State dated December 29, 2022, it is possible to buy seeds and cultivate your own CBD flowers in France.

However, it is important to know that hemp cultivation is highly regulated. If you plan to grow CBD flowers you must:
- use one of the varieties authorized in France and listed by the Ministry of Health
- use certified seeds supplied by approved organizations
- respect the maximum THC content for hemp plants (0.2% maximum).

Whether you are a professional or an individual, you are also required to declare your activity if you plan to produce cannabidiol.

Author: Audrey
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