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Heat: indoor plants to cool the house

agram A publication shared by Bitki al?mi?????????Ev Güll?ri???????????? (@gullerin.satishi.aze) 4- The Sanseviera or mother-in-law tongue Sanseviera or mother-in-law's tongue is a great houseplant for cooling your bedroom on hot nights. This is because its leaves release mois ...


Coryza in cats: symptoms and prevention

njunctivitis, which is characterized by red, secretory, thickened eyes. The eyeballs may sometimes be completely glued together. - Irritation of the tongue, sometimes accompanied by ulcers. The cat drools and struggles to eat. The disease has caused a lymph node reaction. In this scenario, your v ...


The salak or snake fruit: an unusual exotic fruit

st between sweetness and acidity, combined with the fact that this fruit is very juicy. After the sweetness, the acidity comes in and tingles your tongue. In summary, this exotic fruit not only looks amazing, it also has a flavor that is worth discovering! If you have the opportunity to tas ...


Umami: 5 things to know about this mystery flavor

tral in itself (it can be defined as the taste of beef broth without salt), it acts as a flavor enhancer. It spreads in the mouth and stays on the tongue longer than the other 4 basic flavors. The sensation you get from its contact is addictive and makes you want to refill. 4- It is a culinary ...


Salt-free diet: what to replace salt with?

1- Replace the salty flavor with the acidic flavor Among the basic flavors, the acidic taste is the one that is closest to the salty taste on the tongue. That's why the first trick to replacing salt is to add a dash of lemon juice to your plate. Lemon juice can enhance the taste of a fish fil ...


Aromatherapy first aid kit: 5 essential oils to take with you when you travel

It is particularly indicated against nausea whether it is caused by seasickness, motion sickness or altitude sickness. Simply take a drop under the tongue or on a sugar to relieve nausea or ease digestion after a heavy meal. You can also pour 2 drops in a handkerchief to breathe during a car ri ...


Guide to the different types of sex toys

ause they stimulate the clit not only with vibration, but also with air and suction. They provide the sensation of having oral sex with someone whose tongue never tires and who has no opinion about your pubic hair. Many people love them and report having faster and easier orgasms than ever before ...


Hot Ones: a very spicy talk show

the end of the show: 'You experience physical stuff, you understand better how the human body works'. In fact, the chili pepper causes pain on the tongue and causes the brain to secrete endorphins, which allows the guests to relax, even experience a form of euphoria. Kyan Khojandi takes the oppo ...


All about CBD flowers in 5 questions

olecule. This term means that this molecule dissolves in a fatty substance. So infuse the dried flowers in oil before taking a few drops under the tongue. If you like the somewhat peculiar taste of hemp, you can also incorporate them into culinary preparations containing a fat, such as cakes or m ...