Air Travel: How To Travel With His Electronic Cigarette?

Have you booked a vacation abroad? If you are a vapourist, you should take certain precautions before boarding a plane or travelling to certain destinations. Several countries in the world prohibit or limit the use of the vapoteuse. Here is a small practical guide to travel with his electronic cigarette without risking a penalty.

What to do at the airport?

The golden rule for traveling with your electronic cigarette is to always check beforehand what's allowed or prohibited.

If you're planning to fly, be aware that vaping is prohibited in some airports while others have dedicated areas for smokers and vapers.

Find out before you draw your vaporizer so that you don't risk a fine or other penalty when you get to the airport.

How to transport your vaporizer?

To travel with your electronic cigarette on a plane, you also need to make sure you pack this equipment correctly so that you can pass through security without any problems.

Airport authorities recommend carrying your vaporizer in your carry-on bag and not in your checked luggage.

Another tip to know is to place your vaporizer in a clear plastic bag, such as a freezer bag for example, to get through security more easily.

When packing, calculate how many cartridges you will need based on the length of your stay. You may not be able to find the refills you are used to.

But above all, be careful to pack your e-liquids in a waterproof plastic bag so that they don't spill in your carry-on luggage.

Can we vapourize on the spot?

If you intend to go abroad, find out beforehand whether you will be able to use your electronic cigarette there. Local regulations on the matter vary greatly from country to country.

It should be noted that many countries prohibit outright the use of the vapoteuse on their territory. Make sure your destination is not among the countries that prohibit electronic cigarettes!

For example, it is forbidden to vapot everywhere (in public and private places) in Turkey. Electronic cigarettes are also banned in Gambia, Panama and several Asian countries such as Thailand, Singapore, India and Cambodia...

In the Czech Republic, the ban on vaping applies to all public places. You cannot travel with more than 10 ml of refills or carry e-liquids with a nicotine content of 20 mg per milliliter or more.

In Norway, electronic cigarettes are considered medicine and you need a medical prescription to travel with this device. It is forbidden to smoke in all public places.

It is also inadvisable to travel with its vapoteuse in Denmark because it is one of the strictest European countries in this area.

In other countries such as Qatar, it is forbidden to enter the territory with a vaporizer. It will be automatically confiscated upon arrival in the country.

You will have understood, if you are a vapourist, you must absolutely find out about the legislation in force in the country where you are going. Be careful before using your vaporizer in public places or in transportation, it is very often prohibited.

If you do not respect the rules, you expose yourself to penalties ranging from a simple fine to confiscation of your equipment or even imprisonment. So, goodbye to all of you!

Author: Audrey
Copyright image: Vaping360 on Flickr
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