The Healthy Barbecue: Our 6 Tips

The barbecue is the symbol of summer and outdoor grilling with friends. But for a long time, the barbecue had a bad press among the supporters of a healthy diet: too fatty, too much meat, carcinogenic risk... in short, its detractors were as numerous as its followers. But don't worry, summer barbecue lovers, there are solutions to please yourself without putting your health at risk.

Salads as side dishes

Come on we make an effort and we forget, the traditional potato cooked in the ash or even chips and we accompany his barbecue and his grills with a salad. Simple salad (green salad, coleslaw, tomato salad...) or a composed salad (without protein since you'll have protein in your grills!).
The advantages of mixing salad and grilled meats during your barbecue are numerous but we can note the following: Eating salads allow you to fill your stomach and therefore eat less meat, and in summer it is nice to eat fresh and light, especially in the evening, to facilitate sleep.

What about vegetable skewers?

To make your meal healthier and more balanced, think about vegetable skewers. And there the choice is infinite and the mixtures limitless: peppers, mushrooms, tomatoes, zucchini, eggplant, onions ... All vegetables can be easily grilled. And the preparation is ultra simple: we cut small pieces and alternate the vegetables on a skewer, we brush the whole with olive oil, we sprinkle with herbs of Provence and hop towards the grill of the Barbecue for about 10 minutes of cooking.
And with these vegetable skewers you can invite your vegetarian friends who will be delighted to see that you thought of them!

Marinades are your friends

Instead of accompanying your chops, sausages, fish or meats with heavy, high-calorie sauces like the ready-made Barbecue sauces you find in stores or finish the jars of fondue sauce from last winter, why not marinate your meats and other? Marinades are full of benefits, they add flavor, keep you from saucing, change the face of a dish and tenderize food. And the great thing about marinades is that you can innovate and change them every night. And no need to make them complicated sometimes three or four ingredients are enough.
Don't forget that the longer your meat or fish rests the better your food will taste. So remember to prepare them the day before. Start with simple bases olive oil and lemon, yogurt and spices, sesame oil and soy sauce, lemon and garlic... the combinations are multiple and according to your tastes. Be creative!

Healthy cooking with Papillotes

To avoid burning food and eat healthier you can cook your vegetables, fish or seafood in papillotes. Very common many years ago but gradually abandoned, cooking in papillote is practiced in many countries where the barbecue is elevated to the rank of culinary art as Australia, Taiwan or even Canada. The advantages of cooking en papillote are very numerous, it can be individualized so control the quantities, they highlight the food, fits perfectly to foods good for the line (such as vegetables, fish ...) finally the cooking is done to the étouffer so a gentle cooking that preserves the nutrients and flavors.
This cooking method is also very convenient because it allows you to enjoy your guests because you don't really need to watch the cooking and have to turn the grilled food to avoid burning. And there are plenty of alternatives to foil for making your papillotes!!!

Innovate in your Grill

If for you Barbecue is synonymous with chipolatas, merguez, prime rib, ribs or chicken thighs, these are not only the only foods you can grill. If you are a meat lover choose lean meats. That is, meats that contain less than 10% fat. What is rather interesting is that in every animal species there are lean cuts. Offer ham to grill, turkey cutlets, veal knuckle, saddle of lamb, horse steak or even rabbit ... In short you have the choice if you absolutely can not do without meat.
Have you thought about tripe products such as calf and lamb liver, beef kidneys... very lean meats with a lipid content lower than 5% and that you can also marinate to change the taste.
Finally think also about fish and seafood, even if you have to be careful and have a little technique, a barbecue of the sea is a job well worth it. Prefer firm-fleshed fish (Sea bass, Tuna, Sea bream...), fresh and not frozen shellfish (lobster, prawns, lobster...) or shellfish with their shell such as the scallop which is cooked in its shell.

Make your own sauces and drinks

Instead of offering mayonnaise, bourguignonne sauce or béarnaise why not offer dips that you make yourself from vegetables and few ingredients. You can be original, offer unique flavors and it's so easy that it would be a shame not to make these sauces yourself. Raita, Guacamole, Creamy Pesto, yogurt sauce, cheese sauce, vegetable sauce... Your choice will only be limited by your imagination.
Who said that only beers and alcoholic beverages would allow you to have a good time around a barbecue? Rest assured you can have a very convivial time with other types of drinks: Try flavored waters (still or sparkling), homemade iced teas, smoothies, fruit juices that you will have prepared with fresh fruit.

Do you have other ideas to make your barbecues healthy, feel free to share them with us in comments.

Author: Luc
Copyright image: @RitaE - Pixabay
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