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Yoghurt and berry pie: a recipe for Valentine's Day

Ingredients Here are the ingredients needed to make a yogurt and berry pie for 4 people: 250 g shortbread cookies 80 g of melted soft butter 200 g of skyr 125 g vanilla dessert cream (1 jar) 2 tablespoons of sugar 250 g of red fruits of your choice a sprig of mint and/or edible flowers for ...


15 foods to relieve stress

rough body chemicals, which is why stress can cause gastrointestinal symptoms. And a UCLA study of 36 healthy women found thatconsuming probiotics in yogurt reduced brain activity in areas that manage emotions, including stress. This study was small, so more research is needed to confirm the results ...


Mirabelle plum cake: an easy recipe

Ingredients Here are the ingredients needed to make this mirabelle plum cake for 4 people: 1 plain yogurt 1 pot of sugar yogurt 2 pots of flour 1 packet of baking powder 2 eggs 1/2 jar of olive oil 1 tablespoon of orange blossom water 300 g pitted mirabelle plums 1 sachet of vanilla suga ...


Lemon bundt cake: the easy recipe

bundt cake for 6 people: 250 g flour one packet of baking powder a pinch of salt 150 g of sugar one sachet of vanilla sugar 4 eggs one plain yogurt 50 g butter 75 ml olive oil 2 medium-sized organic lemons a knob of butter for the mold 100 g powdered sugar 1 teaspoon of olive oil ...


The mango coconut smoothie bowl: an easy recipe

s needed to make a mango coconut smoothie bowl for 2 people: 2 mangoes or 2 bowls of frozen mango pieces 1 banana a small tray of blueberries 1 yogurt made with coconut milk 20 cl of coconut milk 2 tablespoons of grated coconut 2 tablespoons of oatmeal 2 tablespoons of honey Preparatio ...


Easter nest with three chocolates: an easy recipe

Ingredients Here are the ingredients needed to make a Three Chocolate Easter Nest for 6 people: For the cake 2 vanilla yogurts 1.5 jars of sugar 4 jars of flour 1 packet of yeast 30 g unsweetened cocoa 3 large eggs half a jar of olive oil a knob of butter for the mold half a grated tonk ...


The Healthy Barbecue: Our 6 Tips

ger your meat or fish rests the better your food will taste. So remember to prepare them the day before. Start with simple bases olive oil and lemon, yogurt and spices, sesame oil and soy sauce, lemon and garlic... the combinations are multiple and according to your tastes. Be creative! Healthy co ...


Nutrition: how to make a complete salad?

simple salad, you need to add a source of calcium and a little bit of fat to your mixed salads. In practice, if you don't eat a piece of cheese or yogurt with your meal, you can add to your whole salad : - either the equivalent of a portion of cheese (i.e. 25 to 30 g of cheese such as shavi ...


The orange blueberry cake: an easy recipe

n powder. Copyright: Audrey Vautherot 3- In another large container, whisk the whole eggs with the sugar and vanilla sugar. 4- Add the yogurt, rapeseed oil and grated orange zest. Copyright : Audrey Vautherot 5- To finish the cake batter, fold in the dry ingredients and ad ...


Pastry: 5 tips to lighten cakes

e blown away by its little black forest taste! Think of the juice and zest of citrus fruits like orange and lemon to add flavor to a simple, light yogurt cake. Finally, it's obvious that a cake will be lighter if you choose a fresh fruit filling, rather than a chocolate or praline cream. Ch ...


Diet: 5 natural solutions to regulate your appetite

ood is oat bran because it contains soluble fiber that turns into a gel when it comes in contact with water. Just add one to two tablespoons of it to yogurt or applesauce to reduce hunger pangs. 3- Use homeopathy In addition to these dietary changes, some alternative therapies like homeopathy an ...