Original Ice Cream Bowl: 3 Easy Recipes

Ice creams and sorbets are one of the most popular pleasures of the summer. Accompanied by fresh fruit, whipped cream or coulis, ice cream scoops can be used to make an infinite variety of ice cream sundaes. To change a bit from the colonel cup and the café liégeois, we suggest you discover 3 original ice cream cup recipes.

1- The healthy fruit sorbet cup

After a barbecue or a slightly heavy summer meal, the first original ice cream cup you can offer your guests is a healthy version made with sorbet and fresh fruit.

To compose this ice cream sundae, we advise you to make two scoops of sorbet with contrasting colors and flavors, combining a tangy and a sweeter flavor for example:
- lemon and mango
- passion fruit and coconut
- blackcurrant and pear
- raspberry and peach
- lime and strawberry

Add fresh fruit such as raspberries, blueberries, strawberry or peach pieces.

All that's left is to decorate this healthy cup with a sprig of fresh mint from the garden or with edible flowers for an even more stunning visual.

2- The frozen yogurt cup

For several summers already, the frozen yogurt or frozen yogurt craze has spread to France. This new kind of ice cream has notably conquered the hearts of children thanks to toppings based on candy or chocolate bars.

If you want to treat the little and the big gourmets, try our second original ice cream cup: a home-made frozen yogurt cup!

To prepare it, you need yogurt ice cream, seasonal fruits and treats like small candies or chocolate bars.

Make two scoops of yogurt ice cream, add some seasonal fruits that your kids like for example strawberries, kiwi slices or diced watermelon.

Sprinkle with small candies like tagada strawberries or maltesers. You can also plant a few pieces of Kinder or Kit Kat chocolate in the ice cream.

To note: you can also make this frozen yogurt-style ice cream cup in a vegan version by replacing the yogurt ice cream with a vegetable ice cream made from coconut milk or almond milk.

3- The Cookie Dough cut

Warning: our third original ice cream cup recipe is for the very, very greedy only! This is indeed a Cookie Dough-style ice cream cup inspired by a famous American ice cream brand...

To make this decadent frozen dessert, you need some really good vanilla ice cream, whipped cream, chocolate coulis and Cookies of course!

To note: for a successful visual, the whipped cream should not be lightened. Ideally, you should use a homemade whipped cream that is not very sweet made with a siphon.

Depending on your appetite, make two or three scoops of vanilla ice cream. You can also combine two scoops of vanilla ice cream with one scoop of chocolate ice cream.

Cover the ice cream with whipped cream, delicately add the chocolate coulis on top of the whipped cream and then stick generous pieces of chocolate chip Cookies in the cream... Yum!

If you are using medium-sized Cookies (5 cm in diameter), count one cookie per person and cut each cookie into 3 pieces before decorating your ice cream cup.

Good to know

These three easy ice cream cup recipes are, of course, just suggestions. If you want to serve even more original ice cream cups, let your creativity do the talking!

For example, you can make homemade fruit coulis and test different toppings like toasted slivered almonds, shredded coconut, meringue slivers, peanuts or pistachios... Have fun and most importantly enjoy!

Author: Audrey
Copyright image: Ruth Hartnup
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