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Chestnut pear iced vacherin: a festive glass dessert

necessary ingredients to prepare chestnut and pear vacherin glacé for 4 people: 450 ml of chestnut ice cream. 1 small can of pears in syrup. 6 small meringues. Whipped cream from a spray can or homemade. Note: If you have time to make homemade whipped cream, it's even better. Plan for 30 cl of fu ...


The Mont Blanc style crown cake: a gourmet recipe

g brown sugar 365 g of chestnut cream 5 cl of milk a knob of butter for the mold cold whipped cream 4 marrons glacés (for decoration) a bakery meringue (optional) Preparation 1- Melt the butter in a saucepan, then let it cool. 2- Pour the wheat and chestnut flours in a container, as w ...


The Kings' Cake: An Easy Recipe

e crown, you can replace the lemon or orange zest with a tablespoon of orange blossom water. You can also replace the pearl sugar with finely crushed meringue shards. Yeast Preparation To prepare this brioche king cake, you need to use baker's yeast, just like for a classic brioche. 1. Warm the mil ...


Iced lemon tart verrines: an express recipe

Ingredients Here are the ingredients needed to make lemon pie style frozen verrines for 6 people: 1 litre of lemon sorbet 6 small meringues 6 slices of pound cake or lemon cake To note: to imagine this express dessert, we were inspired by the traditional lemon meringue pie. But nothing prev ...


The lychee: 5 unusual things to know about this fruit

ere, the lychee lends itself well to making pavlovas, the traditional Christmas dessert in Australia! As a reminder, a pavlova is a cake made of a meringue base topped with whipped cream and garnished with various fruits. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Marta i ...


Original ice cream bowl: 3 easy recipes

tivity do the talking! For example, you can make homemade fruit coulis and test different toppings like toasted slivered almonds, shredded coconut, meringue slivers, peanuts or pistachios... Have fun and most importantly enjoy! ...


Rhubarb spice compote: a very easy recipe

Ingredients Here are the necessary ingredients to prepare spiced rhubarb compote for 4 people: 500g of rhubarb, cut into pieces 125g of sugar 1 bag of anise tea or 2 star anise 1 heaping teaspoon of gingerbread spices 20cl of water Note: For this spiced compote recipe, you can use either fresh or ...


Christmas: 5 Tips for Creating an Inexpensive Holiday Menu

ers. To shape the charlotte properly, simply assemble the dessert in a loaf pan. The second, more original option is to serve a pavlova. Pavlova, made with meringue, whipped cream, and fresh fruit, is the traditional Christmas dessert... in Australia! Opt for seasonal fruits such as pears poached i ...


Shrubby Cinquefoil: 5 Things to Know About This Summer-Blooming Shrub

e 'Lovely Pink' variety offers delicate soft pink flowers reminiscent of wild roses. • the 'Kobold' variety with its bright yellow bloom or the 'Lemon Meringue' variety offering a softer yellow shade. If you are looking for a very tender pale yellow, turn to the 'Primrose Beauty' variety. ...