The Half-and-half Pizza: Discovering This Marseilles Specialty In 5 Questions

When we talk about the culinary specialties of the city of Marseille, we first think of bouillabaisse and panisses. But did you know that the people of Marseille are completely crazy about pizzas? One recipe in particular is typical of the Phocaean city: the half-and-half pizza! We invite you to discover what it's all about in 5 questions.

1-Is pizza really a specialty of Marseille?

The cradle of pizza is the city of Naples in Italy. It is there that this specialty, which has become popular worldwide, was created in the 16th century.

Today, you might say that pizzas can be found in every city in France... It's true, but the people of Marseille have had a genuine passion for this Italian specialty ever since the Neapolitans introduced it to their city, in the 1900s.

This convivial dish par excellence has entered local history and culture to such an extent that the people of Marseille invented their own version with Emmental cheese instead of mozzarella... They also came up with a pizza that can't be found anywhere else: the half-and-half pizza!

2- What is a half-and-half Marseillaise pizza?

In some pizza chain restaurants, it is possible to order a pizza with two types of toppings, half queen and half cannibal for example. Sometimes, when you choose this option, you are served simply juxtaposed half-pizzas in the box or on the plate...

But beware! This double-flavor formula for indecisive customers has nothing to do with a half-and-half Marseillaise pizza! In the Phocaean city, this expression refers to a whole pizza, whose topping is very codified.

These pizzas made in Marseille are recognized by their rather thin crust, with slightly burnt edges, and their double topping, distributed as follows on the tomato sauce:
• on one half: grated emmental cheese well melted and a few black olives
• on the other half (without cheese): salt-marinated anchovy fillets and a tablespoon of pistou, the famous Provençal sauce made of garlic, basil, and olive oil.

3- Where to eat a good half-and-half pizza in Marseille?

Now that you know the most typical pizza of the Phocaean city, you probably want to taste it during your next vacation in Marseille...

In the city, you will find not only pizzerias in every neighborhood but also about fifty pizza trucks. It was in Marseille that the concept of the pizza truck was invented in 1962. It is not surprising that these trucks are part of the landscape.

In an article dated May 30, 2024, the newspaper Le Monde established a (necessarily subjective) ranking of the 5 best half-and-half pizzas in Marseille. The newspaper highlighted the following 5 pizzerias:
• Chez Étienne.
• Chez Gé.
• L'Eau à la bouche.
• La Pinède.
• Chez Paul.

4- How to make a half-and-half homemade pizza?

If you don't plan to visit Marseille in the near future but still want to taste the famous half-and-half Marseillaise pizza, you can try to make it yourself.

One of the advantages of the famous half-and-half pizza is that it's topped with common and inexpensive ingredients. You can order ready-made pizza dough from your baker and simply add the toppings yourself.

However, I recommend making the tomato sauce and pistou yourself. The result will be much better! Ideally, you should prepare the tomato sauce with fresh seasonal tomatoes and season it simply with salt and basil.

As for the pistou, Provençal tradition dictates that it should be made in a mortar with a pestle. To top pizzas for 4 people, use a bunch of fresh basil, three cloves of garlic, a pinch of salt, and enough olive oil to achieve a creamy consistency.

5- What other pizza can be discovered in Marseille?

Even though the people of Marseille have a special attachment to their half-and-half pizza topped with local ingredients, it is not the only original pizza recipe you can enjoy in the Phocaean city.

Successive waves of migration have inspired pizzas with a strong identity, such as:
• kebab pizza with its white sauce.
• Armenian pizza topped with minced meat, peppers, and a drizzle of lemon juice.
• Corsican pizza that highlights figatelli and brousse cheese!

As you can see, in Marseille, pizza is a true institution. You can find it everywhere and for every taste. The people of Marseille love to eat it at any time of the day, even outside of meal times, peuchère!

Author: Audrey
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