5 Tips For Making A Good Soup

Homemade soups are a staple of winter recipes. They are comforting and usually easy to make. If your children are reluctant to eat them, be aware that there are some simple tricks to improve the taste. We are going to give you 5 tips for making a good soup.

1- Group vegetables by color.

Soups are among the easiest recipes to make since it's just a matter of cooking vegetables with water and salt. However, not all vegetables go well together.

Some people tend to throw in any vegetables they have left in their fridge to avoid waste. While the intention is commendable, there's a risk of ending up with a soup of an unappetizing color, tending towards brown.

The first of the 5 tips for making a good homemade soup is to choose vegetables that pair well in both taste and color. For instance, you can combine zucchini and watercress for a nicely green velouté, or create soups of a beautiful orange hue with carrots, autumn squashes, and sweet potatoes.

Sauté the vegetables for more flavor.

The second of the 5 tips for making a good soup is to sauté the vegetables in a little oil and/or butter before adding water or broth.

This extra step doesn't take much time but makes a real difference in taste.

It allows the vegetables to caramelize and enhances their flavor, especially if you sauté them with a minced onion and spices.

Measure the water carefully.

Another of the 5 tips for making a good soup relates to the amount of water to use. When adding water or broth to your vegetables, it's better to err on the side of caution!

It is recommended to add liquid just up to the level of the vegetables and not to drown them, as nothing is more tasteless than an overly watery soup.

At the end of cooking, if you feel like you've put too much water in your pot, you can correct your mistake provided you don't blend all the ingredients right away. In this specific case, it's better to drain the vegetables and blend them in a separate container, adding the cooking broth gradually.

To ensure a velvety consistency for your soups, also remember that you should always incorporate a thickening ingredient such as potato, zucchini, or a legume like red lentils.

4- Warm the bowls before serving.

If you're planning to serve a creamy soup in bowls for a festive meal, remember to warm these containers before pouring in the soup.

Simply run the bowls under hot water or scald them in advance to keep the contents nice and hot.

Since nothing is more unpleasant than a cold or barely warm soup, this tip is one of the top 5 pieces of advice for making a good winter soup when serving it in individual containers.

For an even more appealing presentation, choose bowls whose color contrasts with that of your creamy soup.

Add a topping.

The last of the 5 tips for making a good soup is to add a garnish or topping.

When serving, you can sprinkle each bowl with ingredients that add texture and flavor such as fresh herbs, croutons sautéed in butter, or oven-roasted pumpkin seeds.

One final tip to win over kids and the most reluctant guests to soups is to add a bit of cream or cheese, or even a drizzle of truffle oil. These additions are the little extras that make all the difference for people who aren't too fond of vegetables…

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