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The process of creating a film: stages and participants

nature of the film and its budget. A 'typical crew' consists of the director, an assistant director, a casting director (who auditions actors and extras), a location manager (who helps scout sets and locations), the production manager (who manages the budget), and the director of photography or ...


Lux Salina: a sound and light show in Arc-et-Senans

tworks. Each picture combines very large animated images, light effects, music from the 18th century to today and a 'salt caravan' composed of 150 extras. Lux Salina retraces the historical periods of the Royal Saltworks from the 18th century to the present day. Thirteen performances Lux Salina ...


The prodigious friend: season 3 is coming to France 3.

vels, it was necessary to find stunning actresses. The television adaptation required no less than 8 months of casting. In total, 150 actors and 5000 extras were recruited. But above all, more than 13,000 children and teenagers, professional or amateur actors, were auditioned to find the young hero ...


Game of Thrones Studio Tour: visit the studios of the cult series

,000 square meters original props and costumes. You will discover many authentic items (armor, weapons and jewelry) that were worn by the actors and extras of the cult series. Practical information If you've been missing the Game of Thrones universe since the end of season 8, don't wait to bo ...


Comme des gosses: a new comedy series on M6

a natural setting in Le Plessis-Robinson in Île-de-France in a disused school building. A working elementary school across the street even provided several extras for the 80 children appearing in this drama. This choice of shooting on location and not in a studio brought a good dose of realism t ...


Les Combattantes: what is the new TF1 series worth?

ent Gerra surprising in a priest's robe or Tom Leeb as an overworked surgeon in a military hospital. This great fresco also mobilized more than 3,000 extras, 200 of whom were brought together for a single sequence! An intriguing storyline But of course, all these material and human resources ...


Toulouse-Lautrec High School: a series inspired by a true story on TF1

ng actors. She says: 'The casting was very demanding, both for the actors with disabilities and for the others. Those who didn't make the cut were cast as extras.' What is this new series worth? Contrary to what one might fear, the Toulouse-Lautrec High School series does not fall into pathos. T ...


5 tips for making a good soup

win over kids and the most reluctant guests to soups is to add a bit of cream or cheese, or even a drizzle of truffle oil. These additions are the little extras that make all the difference for people who aren't too fond of vegetables… ...


OPJ series on France 3: 5 things to know about this crime drama

Hervé, who directs the show, is a filmmaker from the Reunionese audiovisual sector. On the island, this TV series employs more than a hundred roles, 500 extras, and 115 local technicians. In short, OPJ is not only a series made in France but also a pure product of Reunion Island! On this topic, ac ...