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Blanquette of monkfish with coconut milk: a festive recipe

aw fish for the rest of the recipe for blanquette of monkfish in coconut milk. Cooking of vegetables 1- Heat the olive oil in a frying pan. 2- Sauté the chopped leek with a pinch of salt until it becomes tender. 3- Add the carrot slices and button mushrooms and sauté for about 10 minutes ...


Salt-free diet: what to replace salt with?

digest them well, use them raw in your salads. In all other preparations such as vegetable stir-fries, homemade tomato sauce, meat or fish dishes, sauté them in a drizzle of olive oil before adding the other ingredients. 5- Use salt-free condiments For convenience, you can also buy salt-free ...


Chicken and carrot stir-fry: an easy recipe

hicken pieces and the chopped shallot in the pan until the meat is golden brown. Copyright: Audrey Vautherot 3- Add the carrot slices and sauté for a few minutes. Copyright: Audrey Vautherot 4- Add the spoonful of flour and cook for a few minutes to make a roux, before degla ...


Zucchini flower omelette: an easy recipe

herot 3- Beat the eggs with a fork. Season with salt, pepper and chopped parsley. Cooking 1- Heat the olive oil in a large frying pan. 2- Sauté the zucchini flowers quickly until they become tender. Copyright: Audrey Vautherot 3- Pour the beaten eggs on top and cook on high ...


Beef enchiladas: a Mexican recipe

meat filling that will fill the tortillas. 1- Chop the onion and the garlic clove. 2- In a large frying pan, heat 2 tablespoons of olive oil and sauté the chopped onion and garlic until translucent. 3- Add the ground meat and brown it for about 10 minutes. Season with salt, pepper, a teas ...


Spooky spaghetti: a recipe for Halloween

is very simple as all you have to do is make express bolognese sauce. 1- Chop the garlic and onion together. 2- Heat the olive oil in a pan and sauté the chopped garlic and onion over medium heat, until soft. 3- Add the crumbled ground steak and season with salt, pepper and dried oregano. ...


Cauliflower soup with hazelnuts: a festive, plant-based recipe

f the soup The preparation of the cauliflower soup with hazelnut is very simple. 1- Heat the olive oil in a large saucepan or casserole dish. 2- Sauté the chopped onion until it becomes translucent. 3- Add the diced potatoes, then the cauliflower florets. 4- Season with coarse salt, pep ...


Turkey and Carrot Stir-Fry: A Spring Recipe

If necessary, cut the pieces of meat into cubes of about 2 cm on each side. Cooking the turkey You can cook this turkey and carrot stir-fry in a sauté pan or casserole dish. 1- Heat the casserole over high heat and add the olive oil. 2- Fry the turkey pieces for about 10 minutes, until t ...


Scallops with lemon sauce: a very easy recipe.

nd then reserve this lemon sauce for the rest of the Scallop Lemon Sauce recipe. Cooking scallops with lemon. 1- Melt the knob of butter in a pan. 2- Sauté the scallops over medium heat for 2 to 3 minutes. Season with salt and pepper. 3- Add the lemon sauce, then reduce the heat and let the scallop ...