Steamed Pears With Honey Lemon Sauce: A Light Recipe.

The small rocha pears commonly found in stores have a fairly firm flesh that is well-suited for cooking. If you're looking for a delicious, low-calorie, and digestible dessert idea, here's a very easy recipe for steamed pears with honey lemon sauce.

Ingredients (translated to English)

Here are the necessary ingredients to prepare steamed pears with honey lemon sauce for 4 people:

8 small Rocha pears
1 lemon
2 tablespoons of honey
1/2 teaspoon of turmeric powder

Note: Rocha pear is a winter variety generally imported from Portugal. It is available in French markets and supermarkets for a large part of the year. Its firm and crunchy flesh is slightly granular.

Preparing pears.

Due to the small size of rocha pears, I advise you to count two fruits per person for this recipe of steamed pears with honey lemon sauce.

Also, due to the size of the fruits, it is not possible to core them before cooking.

1- Rinse the pears and dry them carefully.

2- Peel the pears using a peeler, keeping their stem intact for easier eating.

3- Use half of a lemon to squeeze over the raw fruit as you go to prevent oxidation.

Steaming pears

1- Heat water in your steamer.
2- Place the pears vertically in the steamer basket.
3- Steam the pears for about 10 minutes. The cooking time depends, of course, on the size of the fruits.
4- Monitor the cooking of the fruits by opening the lid of the steamer and poking them with the tip of a knife.

Note: Steamed pears with honey lemon sauce should be tender but not melted. Be careful not to overcook them and turn them into pear compote!

Preparing honey lemon sauce.

I recommend preparing the honey lemon sauce at the last moment, just before serving the steamed pears.

1- In a small saucepan, pour two generous tablespoons of flower or acacia honey, for example.

2- Squeeze the remaining half lemon and add the lemon juice and powdered turmeric.

3- Heat this mixture over low heat until the honey becomes liquid.

Caution: it is better not to boil the honey so that it retains its nutritional properties!

Assembly of the dessert.

1- Arrange two steamed pears nicely on each plate.

2- Evenly coat the fruits with honey, lemon and turmeric sauce.

3- Serve the steamed pears with honey lemon sauce still warm for extra indulgence.

Note: The honey, lemon and turmeric sauce has anti-inflammatory properties and is particularly digestible for people suffering from gastric reflux and heartburn.

For the more indulgent, this steaming method can also be used to prepare chocolate pears. To make the chocolate sauce, melt 3 bars of dark baking chocolate over very low heat in a saucepan with one to two tablespoons of milk or almond milk.

Author: Audrey
Copyright image: Audrey Vautherot
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In French: Les poires à la vapeur sauce miel citron : une recette légère
En español: Las peras al vapor con salsa de miel y limón: una receta ligera.
In italiano: Le pere al vapore con salsa di miele e limone: una ricetta leggera.
Auf Deutsch: Die gedämpften Birnen mit Honig-Zitronen-Sauce: ein leichtes Rezept.
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