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Oriental tabbouleh: a very easy recipe.

e by one, add the pepper puree to the mixture and mix. 5- Blend the onion with the previously washed Mint leaves, then add to the bulgur and mix. 6- Squeeze one of the lemons and add the juice to the mixture. If the couscous seems dry or if you have obtained little juice, you can possibly squeeze ...


Leek-wrapped fish parcel: a flavorful recipe

r of each sheet or line up the fish fillets in your large parcel. 2- Cover the fish fillets with the leek fondue. 3- Add a drizzle of fresh cream, a squeeze of lemon juice, and sprinkle with dill. 4- Seal the leek and fish en papillote. 5- Steam the parcels for about 10 minutes or bake in the ov ...


Orange Semolina Cake: A Delicious Recipe

e with orange, both the juice of the oranges and the zest of one orange are used. 1- Wash an orange, dry it, and grate its zest. Set aside. 2- Then squeeze all the oranges and set the juice aside. Semolina cake preparation 1- Separate the egg whites from the yolks. 2- In a mixing bowl, whisk the ...


Chicken with lemon and olives: an easy recipe

. 3- Add salt and pepper and then add turmeric powder and couscous spices to coat all the chicken pieces. 4- Grate the lemon zest, then cut and squeeze the lemon and sprinkle the chicken with its juice. To note: you can also, if you wish, add in this marinade some slices of a second organic ...


Carrot, Orange and Avocado Salad: An easy recipe for winter

gredients that are available in all seasons. 1- Peel and wash the carrots, then grate them with a large-hole grater. 2- Cut the orange in half. Squeeze out pieces of flesh from one half and squeeze the other half. 3- Cut the avocado in half. Remove the stone and the skin, then cut the flesh ...


Christmas clementine bundt cake: a festive cake

u as both are orange liqueurs. If you want to make an alcohol-free cake for children, you can also replace the liqueur with the juice of a freshly squeezed orange. Preparation of the cake batter To prepare the batter for the clementine Christmas bundt cake, I recommend using an electric mixer ...


Orange and almond powder cake: a gluten-free dessert

salt, the gluten free yeast and the almond powder. 4- Wash the orange and grate its zest into the dough, ideally with a microplane. 5- Finally, squeeze the orange and add its juice to loosen the cake batter. Baking the cake I recommend baking this orange and almond powder cake in a small s ...


Steamed pears with honey lemon sauce: a light recipe.

1- Rinse the pears and dry them carefully. 2- Peel the pears using a peeler, keeping their stem intact for easier eating. 3- Use half of a lemon to squeeze over the raw fruit as you go to prevent oxidation. Steaming pears 1- Heat water in your steamer. 2- Place the pears vertically in the steamer ...


House: 5 cleaning tips with lemon

f the 5 cleaning tips with lemon is to make a natural alternative to commercial window cleaners. The recipe is very simple, as all you need to do is squeeze half a lemon into half a liter of hot water and pour this mixture into a spray bottle. Spray this homemade cleaner onto the windows. Scrub wi ...


Cold Hands and Feet: Movements that Warm Up

an amplify the sensation of cold when they are tense. If you don't have a stress ball, you can use a simple tennis ball. The correct technique is to squeeze the tennis ball tightly between your fingers for 10 seconds and then release. Repeated 10 times in a row, this exercise helps to warm you up a ...


Compost: How to Avoid Bad Smells and Insects?

t bad odors. How to fix compost that is too wet? To check the proper balance between wet and dry waste in your compost bin, simply grab a handful and squeeze it in your hand. The compost should hold together. If juice leaks out, the mix is too wet. As mentioned before, it's important to address the ...


Lake Bled in Slovenia: 5 Tips to Prepare for Your Visit

to the island. Although it is very popular with visitors, this little cruise has the disadvantage of being expensive (€18 per person) and requires you to squeeze onto a boat with about twenty other passengers. In the end, visiting the small island is not the most interesting attraction, so you can ...