The Bread Festival: A Friendly Gathering

The Bread Festival, which is held in May throughout France, is an opportunity to meet bakers and discover their craft: an event not to be missed for all food lovers and those who adore good bread!


The Bread Festival is a delicious and friendly event that celebrates this staple food of our diet.

This festival is also an opportunity to introduce people all over France to the profession and expertise of artisan bakers, and perhaps to inspire new vocations!

Did you know?: with 37,000 sales outlets in France, bakery and pastry shops hold the top spot in the food craft industry.


For a week, The Bread Festival invites you to go behind the scenes of bakeries.

Numerous activities for the general public are organized:
• bakery tours
• bread-making workshops
• tastings
• workshops specially designed for children
• competitions
• giant picnics

Practical information

The next edition of "La fête du pain" will be held throughout France from May 11 to 19, 2024.

This year, the event will not only celebrate bread but also sport, in connection with the Olympic Games.

This edition's slogan will be "Bread Celebrates Sport!": an invitation to indulgence and the discovery of new flavors!

Stands, bread-making workshops, tastings, gourmet walks, sports activities, and many other events will be organized in the regions by professional bakery associations and the artisans themselves. These activities aim to promote the bakery industry in a context that is both convivial and educational, offering everyone the opportunity to discover the skills, professions, and bakery products. In summary, the Route du Pain embodies the discovery of the bakery heritage of our beautiful regions.

To discover the detailed program of activities in your department, we invite you to consult the official website below.

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