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The Bread Festival: a friendly gathering

France to the profession and expertise of artisan bakers, and perhaps to inspire new vocations! Did you know?: with 37,000 sales outlets in France, bakery and pastry shops hold the top spot in the food craft industry. Animations For a week, The Bread Festival invites you to go behind the scenes of ...


The Mont Blanc style crown cake: a gourmet recipe

gs 100 g brown sugar 365 g of chestnut cream 5 cl of milk a knob of butter for the mold cold whipped cream 4 marrons glacés (for decoration) a bakery meringue (optional) Preparation 1- Melt the butter in a saucepan, then let it cool. 2- Pour the wheat and chestnut flours in a containe ...


Baguette: 5 questions to know everything about the baguette

2- What is the length of a bread stick? A baguette of bread measures on average 65 cm. Although its thin, elongated shape may vary slightly from bakery to bakery, the French baguette is calibrated and should measure between 55 and 80 cm. As a general rule, the baguette weighs 250 g, compared ...


The pan bagnat: the true Niçoise recipe

Ingredients The "pan bagnat" is a Nice sandwich that is traditionally made in a special round bread. If you can't find this round bread at the bakery, you can also prepare it in a long bread. But choose a bread larger than a baguette (in Nice, we call it "un restaurant"). Its composition based on ...


Bakery: the national competition for the best baguette.

traditional bread. In May, the Bread Festival invites all lovers of good bread to meet artisan bakers. Because the Baguette is the symbol of French bakery, the National Confederation of French Bakery and Pastry Organizes since 2014 the National Contest of the Best Baguette of French Tradition. T ...


How to organize an aperitif: ideas and recipes

a formal invitation. It's usually a good idea to bring something to an appetizer if you've been invited. If the host asks for food, shop at a local bakery, butcher shop or grocery store. Enjoy your aperitif! Show guests where the food and drinks are when they arrive, then relax. The only thi ...


Miraculous on TF1: the secrets of a French success

ne created in 1961. Like all the settings of the series, this school is modelled on a real French high school. The same goes for Marinette's parents' bakery, which resembles a real pastry shop in the 18th arrondissement. If this series appeals to millions of children around the world, it may b ...


The Luxembourg Garden: 5 things to know about this must-see Parisian park.

Paris intra-muros. No need to plan an expedition by RER to the Bois de Vincennes or Boulogne when pretty green spots await you there! Make a detour to a bakery or caterer in the neighborhood before entering the garden gates. If you opt for the entrance on the side of Avenue de l'Observatoire, you ...


Heatwave: red alert in 5 questions

ase of a red alert, work inspection controls are reinforced in outdoor professions such as construction and agricultural work, as well as in the restaurant, bakery, and dry-cleaning sectors where workers are particularly exposed to extreme heat. As a reminder, the Labor Code requires employers to a ...


Bakery: less salt in bread starting from October 1st.

hose surveyed say they cannot go without it during the day. This food alone represents 20% of our daily sodium intake. That is why the Federation of Bakery Enterprises (FEB) has committed to a voluntary approach to reducing salt in its recipes. The industry has decided to take action to reduce the ...


Christmas: 5 Tips for Creating an Inexpensive Holiday Menu

the Yule log for a pavlova. Another tip for putting together an inexpensive holiday menu is to skip the traditional patisserie yule log ordered from a local bakery. To replace this dessert, two options are available to you. You can start by making a homemade yule log, similar to a Swiss roll or a c ...


Chestnut pear iced vacherin: a festive glass dessert

the slices into cubes and set aside. Meringue Preparation For this chestnut and pear vacherin glacé recipe, you can either buy a large meringue from a bakery or a bag of small meringues at the supermarket. In any case, you will need to break the meringue with your hands to get meringue shards, as ...


Diet: 5 Tips to Save Money and Eat Healthily

. For example, you can keep all your receipts for a month and add them up, not forgetting to include the occasional small purchases at the market or bakery. If this method seems too burdensome, you can estimate your food budget more approximately. On average, it is estimated that 20% of a househol ...