Bakery: The National Competition For The Best Baguette.

As part of the Bread Festival, the National Confederation of French Bakery and Pastry organizes the national competition for the best traditional French baguette! This event, which takes place in front of the public, is an excellent way to promote bread that is flavorful and made by a skilled baker.

Long live traditional bread.

In May, the Bread Festival invites all lovers of good bread to meet artisan bakers.

Because the Baguette is the symbol of French bakery, the National Confederation of French Bakery and Pastry Organizes since 2014 the National Contest of the Best Baguette of French Tradition.

To deserve this appellation, a Baguette must be crispy, with a creamy-colored crumb well alveolated and offer hazelnut aromas. Mmmh!

Revived in 1993, this Baguette is also characterized by an old-fashioned manufacturing process, comparable to that practiced in the 1930s.

It is the subject of all the care of the artisan baker, who uses moderate kneading, additive-free flour, and long fermentation to obtain optimal aroma development. Delicate shaping precedes precise and controlled baking until it comes out of the oven.

You will understand that it takes quality raw materials, time, and the expertise of a baker to obtain this bread with an authentic taste and excellent conservation.

A difficult contest.

The competition that rewards the best French Traditional Baguette takes place during the Bread Festival in Paris and in front of the public.

The participants are the winners of the competition in their region, in mainland France, but also in Reunion and Guadeloupe.

During the tests, they face a big challenge as they must make their baguettes on the spot, within a given time and following the rules.

These rules stipulate that each candidate has the same basic ingredients and of course the addition of additives and improvers is prohibited.

Participants can only rely on their know-how to make the best possible bread under the eyes of the public!

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Edition 2023 translates to "2023 Edition" in English.

The 3rd National Competition for the Best French Traditional Baguette is taking place in Paris during The Bread Festival from May 23rd to 25th, 2016.

The competing bakers are representatives of the 22 winning companies that have been awarded the title of "Best French Traditional Baguette" in their respective regions.

This competition will take place on the square in front of Notre-Dame de Paris: don't miss this unique opportunity to see, approach, and appreciate the work of the bakers!

After the qualifying rounds (on Monday, May 23rd and Tuesday, May 24th), the jury will select the 6 best candidates for the final.

Their baguettes will be judged on six criteria: appearance, crust (color, crispiness), aroma, crumb (color, texture), chewiness, and of course, taste. The salt content must not exceed 18g per kilogram of flour, or points will be deducted...

The election will take place on the afternoon of May 10th, 2023 at the headquarters of the Syndicat des Boulangers du Grand Paris, 7 Quai d'Anjou. The author of the best baguette in France will then be announced.

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