Grapefruit Stuffed With Tuna And Corn: An Easy And Cheap Recipe

In winter, we sometimes lack the inspiration to prepare a raw vegetable starter. If you're tired of making bland salads with out-of-season tomatoes, consider grapefruit or pomelo! These citrus fruits offer a tasty alternative to tomatoes from December to March. Here's an amazing and economical recipe for grapefruit stuffed with tuna and corn.


Here are the ingredients needed to make a tuna and corn stuffed grapefruit for 4 people:

2 pink or red grapefruits
140 g of tuna in its natural state
140 g canned corn
2 tablespoons chopped parsley
2 tablespoons of olive oil

To note: since the canned tuna is already salty and the grapefruit adds acidity to this salad, there is no need to add salt and vinegar as seasoning.

Preparation of the grapefruits

The trickiest step in this tuna and corn stuffed grapefruit recipe is sorting and coring the grapefruits.

1- Cut the grapefruits in half on a plate to collect as much juice as possible.

2- Gently remove the flesh from the citrus fruit by sliding the blade of a knife between the membrane and the quarters.

3- Completely scoop out the fruit halves using a teaspoon.

4- Cut off the white membranes with a knife if they remain attached to the grapefruit peel.

To note: the inside of the grapefruit halves or pomelos must be perfectly hollowed out since these hulls will be used to present your salad composed of grapefruit, tuna and corn.

5- Reserve the cored grapefruit halves for presentation, along with the juice and flesh of the fruit in a small salad bowl.

Preparation of the mixed salad

The tuna and corn stuffed grapefruit filling is very simple to make with easily available and inexpensive cupboard ingredients.

1- Drain the canned corn and pour it into a bowl.

2- Drain the tuna au naturel and crumble it before adding it to the bowl.

3- Add the grapefruit flesh and juice and mix well.

Assembly of the stuffed pomelos

Once you have the hollowed out grapefruits on one side and the mixed salad on the other, the assembly is very simple.

1- Using a tablespoon, fill each grapefruit half with tuna and corn salad.

2- Before serving, sprinkle each grapefruit filled with tuna and corn with chopped parsley.

3- Drizzle olive oil over each stuffed grapefruit and enjoy immediately.

Grapefruit or pomelo?

Although the terms grapefruit and pomelo are generally used synonymously, these names refer to two different citrus fruits.

The citrus fruits most commonly found in Europe on the shelves are pomelos derived from a cross between a grapefruit and a sweet orange.

Pummelos are smaller than grapefruits and have sweeter flesh, especially if you choose a pink or red-fleshed variety (Ruby).

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In French: Le pamplemousse farci au thon et au maïs : une recette facile et pas chère
En español: Pomelo relleno de atún y maíz: una receta fácil y barata
In italiano: Pompelmo ripieno di tonno e mais: una ricetta facile ed economica
Auf Deutsch: Grapefruit gefüllt mit Thunfisch und Mais: ein einfaches und preiswertes Rezept
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