Valentine's Day: Menu Ideas For A Romantic Brunch

If you didn't have time to prepare a romantic dinner for Valentine's Day, why not organize a brunch the following weekend? This formula that combines sweet and savory preparations is perfect to treat your Valentine with recipes full of love. We have listed some menu ideas for a romantic brunch.

Hot and cold drinks

The brunch is a mid-morning meal that replaces both breakfast and lunch. It must therefore be hearty, diversified and follow certain rules, even if a great deal of freedom is allowed in the choice of menu.

One of the golden rules to follow when organizing a Valentine's Day brunch for lovers is to provide cold and hot drinks.

If you have a juicer or centrifuge, take the opportunity to make homemade juices. On the occasion of the lovers' day, I recommend you to try the orange carrot ginger juice because this spice is known to be an aphrodisiac!

As for hot drinks, adapt your proposals to your Valentine's tastes: tea, coffee, cappuccino or even hot chocolate in regressive mode, everything is allowed during this meal! And if your lover follows a vegan diet, prepare him/her a hot chocolate with coconut milk following our recipe...

Savoury preparations

One of the benefits of Valentine's Day brunch is the ability to mix in the same meal savory and sweet preparations, to be pecked together and in any order you like.

During this type of meal, we put all the dishes on the table (except if some must be served hot) and there is no longer any need to worry about the service, which is very practical when you want to share a good moment in love.

For this reason, even if scrambled eggs with bacon are a classic Anglo-Saxon breakfast, I advise you to opt instead for preparations that you can make the day before and reheat before serving them.

For example, you can make a savory pie or a quiche without dough accompanied by a salad of baby greens. Just remember to reserve the already washed salad and dressing in the refrigerator.

Other Valentine's Day brunch menu ideas include serving avocado toast or salted waffles (as long as you've made the waffle batter and some of the filling the night before).

Sweetened preparations

To organize a romantic brunch, remember to offer a lot of choices because this meal is supposed to last a long time and replace both breakfast and lunch...

On average, you should plan at least three savory and three sweet preparations. Portions don't have to be large as the idea is to eat a little bit of everything and especially everything you like!

For the sweet, there is no shortage of menu ideas for a brunch as you can offer:
- lost bread made with brioche
- heart-shaped waffles topped with chocolate, homemade raspberry jam or caramel
- pancakes

I especially recommend our recipe for yogurt pancakes because it's very easy and quick to make, even if you didn't have time to make the dough the night before...

And if your Valentine doesn't eat gluten, make him/her some gluten-free waffles or cocoa pancakes made with chestnut flour!

Once you've chosen your warm sweet concoction, simply top it off with a cake and a glass of Greek yogurt and muesli. Try our delicious carrot cake recipe, with or without frosting and decorate your verrine with edible flowers like the photo below.

If you can, replace the not-so-good store-bought muesli with homemade granola. You can make this granola ahead of time and store it in a jar for a few days. To your ovens and happy Valentine's Day to all!

Author: Audrey
Copyright image: Audrey Vautherot
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In French: Saint-Valentin : des idées de menus pour un brunch en amoureux
En español: San Valentín: ideas de menú para un brunch romántico
In italiano: San Valentino: idee di menu per un brunch romantico
Auf Deutsch: Valentinstag: Menüideen für einen Brunch zu zweit
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