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The Easter cake in chocolate bundt cake style.

ge juice to remove pulp. 3- Gradually mix orange juice into the powdered sugar until you achieve the perfect texture, both creamy and spreadable. Cake frosting To frost the Easter bundt cake with pink frosting without dirtying your serving dish, I suggest placing the bundt cake on a sheet of parchm ...


Carrot Cake: A Delicious Recipe

loosen the batter and mix well. It is normal for this cake's batter to contain a large proportion of carrots. Carrot cake finishes If you don't like frosting made with powdered sugar or cream cheese, you can use the following trick to finish off the carrot cake and decorate it. 1- Pour the batter ...


Lemon bundt cake: the easy recipe

Ingredients Here are the ingredients needed to make a lemon Bundt cake for 6 people: 250 g flour one packet of baking powder a pinch of salt 150 g of sugar one sachet of vanilla sugar 4 eggs one plain yogurt 50 g butter 75 ml olive oil 2 medium-sized organic lemons a knob of butter for ...


The margarita: the secrets of the famous cocktail

balanced combination of flavors The secret of the margarita lies in the combination of cointreau liqueur, tequila and lime juice but also in the salt frosting that reveals all the aromatic intensity of this cocktail. Indeed, this complex cocktail has the particularity of combining fruity, floral ...


Easter nest with three chocolates: an easy recipe

n off the heat and add the grape seed oil off the heat. Your glaze should be very smooth and shiny. Copyright: Audrey Vautherot 4- Pour this frosting over the chilled crown cake, using a soft marysee to spread it evenly. Copyright : Audrey Vautherot 5- Let set for about 15 minu ...


Orange carrot cake: a gourmet recipe

tter 2 tablespoons powdered sugar To note: Philadelphia cheese is the closest brand to the American cream cheese traditionally used to make white frosting for carrot cakes. Preparation of the cake 1- In a large bowl, whisk the eggs with the sugar and vanilla sugar. 2- Add the liquid ingre ...


Valentine's Day: menu ideas for a romantic brunch

ur warm sweet concoction, simply top it off with a cake and a glass of Greek yogurt and muesli. Try our delicious carrot cake recipe, with or without frosting and decorate your verrine with edible flowers like the photo below. If you can, replace the not-so-good store-bought muesli with homemade ...