Roots Of Tomorrow: The Video Game To Get Started In Agroecology.

If you think that video games are just frivolous hobbies, you are completely wrong! Some serious games have an educational and even ecological dimension. This is the case of a French game called Roots of Tomorrow. Its goal? To introduce players to the intricacies and challenges of agroecology!

An impact game developed by Gamabilis.

Gamabilis is an independent French studio founded in 2016 by Vincent Péquignot. This studio specializes in creating and developing impactful video games, which means games that raise awareness among the public about social issues such as health, environment, or innovation. These are also referred to as "serious games" in English.

One of Gamabilis' latest creations is called Roots of Tomorrow and aims to introduce players to agroecology! As a reminder, agroecology refers to all environmentally-friendly agricultural practices. It goes beyond organic farming and includes animal welfare, soil preservation, reduction of inputs, and proper water management.

This educational game is intended for both the general public and today's and tomorrow's farmers, with the ambition of training them on the environmental challenges of their profession.

The first strategy game on agroecology.

Through the game Roots of Tomorrow, the Gamabilis studio offers you the opportunity to take control of a French farm and invent the agriculture of tomorrow.

In this simulation and strategy game, you are an entrepreneurial farmer, in charge of a farm, and you must make choices that determine the future of your farm for 10 years. Your mission, if you accept it, is to succeed in the agro-ecological transition of your farm.

Like in real life, you must not only choose what you plant but also your working methods and the people you hire. You must manage the marketing of your production and the promotion of your company, while dealing with unforeseen weather, economic, or administrative events.

Will you be able to find the right strategy to overcome natural disasters, economic recession, and new laws and subsidies?

Several scenarios to train on environmental issues.

To raise awareness among players about agroecology, the studio Gamabilis has imagined several scenarios. The game Roots of Tomorrow offers a total of 7 scenarios, including the following three.

In the scenario "Urban Agriculture," you take control of a farm in the city and develop it according to its specificities, with collaborative gardens, vertical farms, or underground crops.

In the scenario "Large-scale farming in Grand-Est," you must manage a 220-hectare farm in the Marne region and face multiple challenges such as diversifying crop rotation, producing your own seeds, promoting biodiversity, and limiting soil erosion.

In the scenario "Mixed beef and dairy cows in the Vosges," you become a producer of meat and milk. You must raise your cattle while ensuring the overall balance of your farm and its carbon footprint, thanks in particular to methanization...

Note: The different scenarios of the game were designed by Gamabilis in collaboration with professionals from the agricultural sector and researchers in order to rely on realistic data.

A free, fun and engaging game.

Cherry on top, the game Roots of Tomorrow is available for free on PC (Steam) and on mobile (on the App Store and Google Play).

This free 3D game was developed by Gamabilis under the patronage of the Ministry of Agriculture, the Ministry of Ecological Transition, INRAE, and Agreenium (the alliance for training and research in agriculture, food, environment, and global health).

Therefore, it is both a fun and serious way to learn more about agriculture and the challenges that all stakeholders in the agricultural world are facing today. This game is intended to be used in agricultural high schools, agronomy engineering schools, and for the continuing education of farmers.

On this Monday, October 16th, downloading this game and stepping into the shoes of a farmer is an original way to celebrate World Food Day and the anniversary of the creation of FAO (the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization).

Through managing your virtual farm, you will be able to understand the complexity of environmental issues and ecological transition for farmers. What better way to address such complicated topics than by having fun?

Author: Audrey
Copyright image: Gamabilis
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