The Veggie Chickpea Cake: An Easy Recipe

Looking for a simple way to make veggie patties with chickpea flour? Try our veggie chickpea and zucchini patty recipe! It's easy to prepare and tasty.


Here are the ingredients needed to make a veggie chickpea patty for 2 people:

100 g chickpea flour
aquafaba from a small can of chickpeas
125 g of grated zucchini
a few dried tomato petals
turmeric powder
salt and pepper
2 spoons of olive oil for cooking

To note: aquafaba is the cooking water from the chickpeas or the liquid in the cans and jars when you buy ready-to-eat chickpeas. For this anti-gaspi recipe, I used the juice recovered from a small can of canned chickpeas.

Copyright: Audrey Vautherot

Don't throw away that juice anymore when you use chickpeas to make hummus or couscous for example! This slightly viscous liquid can be beaten into snow and can replace eggs in many vegetable recipes.


1- Wash a zucchini and grate it finely until you get 125 g of grated zucchini. Set aside.

Copyright: Audrey Vautherot

2- Cut a few dried tomato petals into small cubes. Set aside.

3- In a bowl, mix the chickpea flour with a little salt, pepper and turmeric powder.

Copyright: Audrey Vautherot

4- Stir in aquafaba a little at a time until you get the consistency of a doughnut batter, like in the photo below:

Copyright: Audrey Vautherot

5- Add the grated zucchini and the small cubes of dried tomato last.

Copyright: Audrey Vautherot


1- Heat the olive oil in a pan.

2- Cook this veggie chickpea pancake like a thin pancake.

Copyright: Audrey Vautherot

Note:depending on the size of your pan, you can make one large patty to share or two small thin patties with these proportions.

3- When the patty is golden brown on one side, turn it over.

Copyright: Audrey Vautherot

4- Serve this vegetarian patty hot with a green salad and sprinkled with sprouted seeds if you wish.


When zucchini is no longer in season, you can substitute this ingredient with carrots.

You can then embellish your vegetarian patty with other spices like cumin or ginger.

This homemade, gluten-free vegetarian patty lends itself to many variations. It makes an easy base for a no-fuss veggie meal.

Author: Audrey
Copyright image: Audrey Vautherot
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In French: La galette veggie aux pois chiches : une recette facile
En español: El pastel de garbanzos vegetariano: una receta fácil
In italiano: La torta di ceci vegetariana: una ricetta semplice
Auf Deutsch: Veggie-Kuchen mit Kichererbsen: ein einfaches Rezept
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