How To Make A Perfect Omelette?

Quick to prepare with simple ingredients, the omelet is a classic favorite for everyone. Yet, it's not so easy to cook it to perfection and achieve the ideal texture... We're going to give you 5 tips for making a perfect omelet.

1- Choose the eggs carefully

As the proverb goes, you can't make an omelet without breaking eggs. The quality of this basic ingredient is crucial for the taste of the final result. That's why it is recommended to choose extra fresh eggs, preferably organic.

To prepare a nice individual rolled omelet, you should count on average 3 eggs per person. This is the right amount to achieve a plump omelet that remains soft inside.

Note: in French gastronomy, an omelet is neither flat nor grilled like an Italian frittata. It should remain smooth and uniformly colored, have an oblong shape, and a soft texture inside.

Choose Your Utensils Wisely

Another secret to making a perfect omelette lies in the choice of kitchen utensils.

Contrary to what is sometimes said, an omelette should not be prepared with a whisk but with a fork. Using a fork prevents incorporating too much air into the beaten eggs. This would create bubbles on the surface, whereas the result should remain smooth...

It's also why you should not beat the eggs for too long. About ten seconds is enough to mix the eggs before seasoning them with a small pinch of salt and a few turns of the pepper mill.

Regarding cooking, for an individual omelette, one should use a small non-stick frying pan, but not a crepe pan! It is the edges of the pan that will help you roll the omelette properly and achieve the right shape.

3- Choose the Right Type of Fat

In some omelette recipes found on the Internet, neutral oil or even olive oil is used... But in that case, it is more like an Italian frittata. To make a perfect omelette for one person, count on approximately 10 grams of unsalted butter.

Place this knob of butter in the hot pan and wait for the butter to start foaming. But be careful, the butter should not brown and become nutty, otherwise your omelette will darken!

4- Carefully monitor the cooking process.

Cooking is the crucial step for making a perfect omelette. As soon as the butter foams, pour the beaten eggs into the pan and strictly follow the next steps.

For about 30 seconds, cook the eggs on fairly high heat, shaking the pan so that the cooking is even. If you do not shake the pan during cooking, the omelette will be overcooked on the bottom and remain raw on top. You can see the right move in the video below:

Another tip to know is to stop cooking before the eggs are completely done. The heat of the pan is enough to finish cooking and achieve the ideal texture, slightly runny.

5- Roll the omelette carefully.

The final step to achieve a perfect omelette is to give it an oblong shape. The right move is to fold the edges of the omelette towards the center of the pan. It should resemble a rugby ball even though this recipe is not a specialty of the South-West!

Once your omelette looks like an oval ball, all you have to do is place it on the edge of the pan, in the hollow, to roll it up well and then slide it onto a plate.

Note: in this French specialty, it's when rolling the omelette that you add a filling inside, for example ham and cheese...

Now that you know the secrets of this recipe, you can prepare it at any time of the day, including for breakfast or Sunday brunch.

Author: Audrey
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