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How to make a success of your night photos?

eature allows you to open the shutter as long as you press the camera button. Bulb mode requires more confidence to use, but it also allows you to experiment freely. Because it allows you to expose an image without any time constraints, it is perfect for 'light painting' where you can 'doodle' or ...


Photo: 4 good reasons to visit the Vivian Maier retrospective in Paris

he writings of philosopher Gilles Deleuze. Throughout the exhibition, you will discover that the artist plays with contrasts and does not hesitate to experiment. This retrospective is therefore an opportunity to discover the breadth and complexity of the work of this great photographer. 4- ...


Covid 19: Understanding the new measures in 5 questions

this rule will be replaced by tests in the classes. This systematic testing of the class if a student is positive is an extension to all of France of an experiment that was conducted in 10 departments. The aim of this change is to limit the closure of classes. The tests, whether carried out in pr ...


Health: the boom of teleconsultation in France

henomenon, this trend was confirmed during 2020, with nearly 500,000 online consultations per week on average. In 2020, 69% of patients reportedly experimented with teleconsultation, and 82% of those who tried it said they would continue. A solution that appeals to the French According to a r ...


Organic: organic food reduces oxidative stress

witching back to a conventional diet, while the second group alternated the two diets in reverse order. Urine samples were collected throughout the experiment and subjected to metabolomic analysis. This method of analysis involves noting the presence of dozens of small molecules or metabolites ...


Seniors: what does the government's anti-fall plan include?

ial action centers will be the preferred places to implement these adapted physical activity programs. In the coming months, the government plans to experiment a 'care basket' prevention of falls, in collaboration with an adapted physical activity provider, a dietician and an occupational therapi ...


Umami: 5 things to know about this mystery flavor

naturally rich in umami, such as mushrooms, ripe tomatoes or parmesan cheese (so it's easy to see why pizza is such a universally loved dish!). To experiment with this fifth flavor, you can also cook with condiments that contain a lot of it like soy sauce, miso paste, oyster sauce, ketchup and n ...


David Hockney: 5 things to know about this unclassifiable artist

ersed the perspective by placing the vanishing point behind the viewer, so that the painting seems to converge towards the viewer. 3- He loves to experiment with different techniques In the summer of 1960, David Hockney discovered the Picasso retrospective at the Tate Gallery and his vision of a ...