Food Shopping: 5 Advantages Of Online Shopping In Paris

You may already be used to shopping online for all sorts of goods such as clothes, cosmetics or electronics. But have you ever thought of doing your food shopping via the Internet? In the capital, there are shopping delivery services at home or in a relay point in each district. We have listed for you 5 advantages of shopping online in Paris.

1- It's practical

The first of the 5 benefits of doing your shopping online is of course the convenience of this service.

With home or relay point shopping delivery, you can place your order without leaving the comfort of your sofa!

Most mass retailers have expanded their delivery services since the Covid-19 pandemic.

Shopping online in Paris has never been so easy! Just place your order in a few clicks and pay online to be delivered within 24 hours, subject to the eligibility of your address.

To find out if you can have your groceries delivered to your home, simply enter your postcode. All the districts of the capital are served and many delivery slots are offered, generally between 7am and 10pm.

If you are not eligible for home delivery, you can choose another delivery method and collect your groceries at a relay point in Paris.

2- It's safer

With the Covid-19 epidemic, many consumers have changed their habits and have started to favour contactless solutions such as home delivery or relay points.

The second advantage of shopping online in Paris is to avoid the crowds and thus limit the risk of contamination.

At a time when the health situation calls for the utmost caution, having your groceries delivered is a good way to avoid the crowds in supermarkets or other shops.

As a bonus, you'll avoid the trip to the store, the stress and the lines at the checkout!

3- It's faster

More convenient and healthier, shopping online is also a much faster solution.

The websites of the major retailers have provided everything to make your life easier and help you place your order in the least amount of time.

For example, these sites offer you the possibility of memorizing your shopping list and/or replacing a previous order identically in one click.

They memorize the products you are used to ordering so that you can easily find them on a single web page.

You can even securely store your credit card details so you can pay for your orders more easily, without having to pull out your card and retype the numbers.

For all these reasons, shopping online in Paris is a considerable time saver.

4- It's not more expensive than in stores

Contrary to what people sometimes imagine, shopping online in Paris is not more expensive than going to a store. At Leclerc, for example, Parisian customers have the Leclerc price guarantee.

The prices displayed on the website are the same as in a hypermarket. Customers who shop online therefore benefit from the low prices of this brand.

In addition, customers who wish to pick up their shopping near their home have no additional costs to pay since delivery to a relay point is free from 15€ of purchases.

For anyone on a tight budget, shopping online helps save money: not only do you avoid temptations in the aisles, but you can usually view all of the current promotions on a single page.

Finally, online ordering allows you to enjoy the same benefits as in-store shopping, including loyalty programs and stickers.

5- The choice of products has increased

Finally, one of the 5 advantages of shopping online in Paris is the ability to benefit from a wide selection of products.

While the choice was quite limited at the beginning on online shopping sites, they now offer several thousand product references.

Not only can you find private label products, but also groceries, fresh produce, local products, organic or baby products, as well as products from major brands.

Moreover, you can take advantage of your online order to do your food and non-food shopping...

You can now find the most varied items online, even outside the food section, for example: school supplies, toys for Christmas or wines at a good price during the Wine Fair!

Author: Audrey
Copyright image: Marco Verch
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