Halloween: Candy Knows No Crisis.

Pagan festival dating back 2500 years, Halloween is also one of the favorite days for food lovers. For all sweet tooths, October 31st is synonymous with candy hunting. France is one of the countries that consumes the most sweets in the world and, despite inflation, candy sales are not affected by the crisis! We offer you an overview of a very dynamic market.

Halloween party boosts sales.

Did you know that France is among the top 10 countries in the world for candy consumption? With just over 3 kg of candy consumed per person per year, France ranked behind Sweden (7.7 kg per year), Denmark (6.2 kg), Germany and Finland (5.5 kg), Norway (4.9 kg), and the United Kingdom (4.6 kg) in 2014.

In France, the confectionery sector generates an average annual turnover of 800 million euros. Halloween, with its traditional candy hunt on the evening of October 31st, is a particularly favorable period for confectionery professionals.

The percentage of French households buying candies for Halloween has increased from 44% in 2020 to over 48% in 2022. Halloween 2022 was a great success for French confectioners, with a significant increase in turnover compared to previous years: 111.8 million euros during this period alone!

The French have rediscovered a taste for candies.

More generally, while the confectionery sector had been struggling since 2016 and had seen its sales drop during the Covid-19 pandemic, candy sales increased by 14% in 2022, according to figures from the French Confectionery Union.

In 2022, nearly 140,000 tonnes of various types of sweets were sold in France, with a total revenue of 1.455 billion euros.

Nowadays, the French buy more candies than chocolate. This consumer enthusiasm for sour candies rather than chocolate can be largely explained by the price difference between these two types of treats, as cocoa has experienced a significant increase in its price...

Sweets resist the crisis.

According to the statistics from the French Confectioners' Union, candy and lollipop sales, across all distribution channels, are not affected by the crisis.

Despite inflation and the decrease in purchasing power of the French people, candy sales have set new records even before Halloween. They have shown a growth of 16.7% between the end of August 2022 and the end of August 2023.

The increase in raw material prices, such as sugar, as well as packaging and the energy required for their production, has raised the prices of confectionery products on the shelves, but not enough to discourage buyers.

Over 125,000 tons of sweets were sold between the end of August 2022 and the end of August 2023, representing an increase in volume of 2.3% in one year. According to industry professionals, there are several reasons for this success. Firstly, candies are cheaper than chocolate. They cost less than €8 per kilogram on average, compared to around €10 per kilogram for chocolate.

Secondly, these treats are no longer just for children and are attracting other population groups. Adults now represent half of the market, and manufacturers are adapting to their expectations by offering healthier, less sugary products without artificial colors and more environmentally friendly packaging.

Finally, in times of crisis, when the news is gloomy, consumers more than ever need comfort. In this perspective, candies provide a small, regressive, and inexpensive pleasure. Despite the disapproval of dentists and nutritionists, leading brands in the French market, such as Haribo and Carambar & Co, still have bright days ahead of them!

Author: Audrey
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