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Avatar: the phenomenon saga in 5 mind-blowing figures

2.91 billion in revenue Avatar 1 is to date the highest grossing film in the history of cinema. When it was released in 2009, this unusual film shattered all records. It established itself as the world's biggest box office success by raking in $2.78 billion in revenue. The first installment of t ...


Buying a hotel to convert: 10 questions to help you understand

hotel, is usually the simplest choice. Then there are seasonal or year-round hotels. The seasonal hotel is located in a tourist area and makes its revenue over a few months. For example, a mountain hotel will open in winter for skiing and reopen for the summer season for hikers and cyclists. It c ...


Everything everywhere all at once: why is this film making the buzz?

Unusually for an SF film produced by an independent studio (A24), outside of the Hollywood majors, it surpassed the $100 million mark in worldwide revenue on July 31. A completely unexpected success And yet nothing suggested such a global success. The title Everything everywhere all at once i ...


Law regulating influencers: soon the end of dubious advertisements.

prior approval from the state services to be employed in a company specializing in commercial influence. They will immediately receive only 10% of the revenue, with the remainder being held until they reach majority. Young influencers between the ages of 16 and 18 will have the choice of either cre ...


Zelda: Video Game Success in Numbers.

Zelda is a real financial windfall for Nintendo. In 2021, Nintendo estimated that this franchise had allowed them to generate over 6 billion euros in revenue, thanks to the sale of video games and associated consoles, as well as numerous derivative products. A cartridge of this game was sold for nea ...


Artificial intelligence: Will ChatGPT really replace Google?

ks. The big question that Google and other web players are facing is whether we can revolutionize search tools through AI without losing advertising revenue. Regarding this, Elizabeth Reid said, "We cannot predict the future, but I think ads will continue to play a vital role." ...