Television: With Tf1+, The Group Revolutionizes Its Streaming Service

Since January 8, 2024, the TF1 group has launched a new streaming platform named TF1+. Its goal? To attract a wide audience with innovative features and content that is richer than that of MyTF1. Explanation.

Ambitious goals

For the year 2024, the TF1 group has set ambitious goals. With its new streaming platform TF1+, the broadcasting group aims to eventually become the leading free streaming platform in France and even in Europe.

This new service, launched on January 8, 2024, hopes to attract a wider audience with richer content than the previous MyTF1 platform.

It is accessible online and through a smart TV or a Freebox, Bouygues Telecom, or Orange box. It will soon be available via SFR boxes.

A premium offer

The brand-new TF1+ platform does not just offer the group's audiovisual programs on replay. To carve out a spot alongside Prime Video, Netflix, and Disney+, it allows for much more than simple catch-up viewing.

It has been designed according to a premium format to provide viewers with no less than 15,000 hours of programs! With such a number, this new platform boasts volumes comparable to those of Prime Video and Disney+. However, it still falls short of the 40,000 hours of programming available on Netflix...

Content for all tastes

If you haven't yet discovered the new TF1+ platform, the diversity of content announced by the group should entice you to take a look.

The two mainstays of this new offering are family entertainment and news. A brand-new format called "Top Info" allows you to stay informed at any time of the day. The platform also plans to launch, starting in March, the "Top Chrono" feature. This is a summary of football and rugby matches in 5, 10, or 15 minutes, depending on the user's available time.

Fans of TV shows will find 200 series available in full. Some are recent hits like the HPI series that has been very successful on TF1, and others are older favorites like the enchanting series Charmed! TF1 Group also announces 200 TV movies and 200 films for the whole family, including The Hobbit and Les Visiteurs.

For entertainment, die-hard fans of The Voice or Koh-Lanta will be able to watch previous seasons of these shows in their entirety.

New features

In addition to enriching the content offered, the TF1+ platform innovates with new features. It claims, for example, the availability of content "on all screens, at all times", where MyTF1 limited catch-up to 7 days after the program aired.

Viewers will be able to enjoy content personalized by profile and more than 50 live thematic channels, some of which are dedicated to comedy with the Palmashow and others to specific themes like the Naruto anime!

Another notable innovation is the Synchro function. This recommendation engine allows users to quickly find programs that are likely to appeal to multiple viewers gathered in front of the same screen.

A free platform, with a paid option.

Good news for users: the TF1+ platform is now accessible for free with advertising. TF1 Group's business model still relies on advertising revenue. However, improvements are expected in the ease of navigation. The group has announced the elimination of ad breaks at the start of videos shorter than 15 minutes.

For those who are averse to advertising, TF1's new streaming platform offers a paid, ad-free option. The ad-free subscription costs €5.99 per month, which is one euro more than the previous subscription rate. Nonetheless, it remains less expensive than other paid platforms that have seen price increases in recent months.

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