The Abyss: What Is The New Series With Sara Mortensen And Gil Alma Worth?

From February 8, France 2 will unveil a new drama series about a mysterious disappearance. This thriller entitled L'Abîme has a great cast, starting with Sara Mortensen and Gil Alma in the main roles. We have listed for you the good reasons to watch this new drama in 6 episodes.

The scenario is well put together

Just two days after the end of Piste Noire (a mountain thriller shot in Morzine), France 2 is already offering a new never-before-seen drama called L'Abîme.

In everyone's eyes, Elsa and Laurent Lacaze are a perfect couple. He is an architect and she is a real estate agent and they are the happy parents of a teenager in full rebellion against her mother. They have been in perfect love for twenty years and live with their daughter, Lucie, in the hills of Moustiers-Sainte-Marie in the South of France.

But one morning, before going to her real estate agency, Elsa goes for her usual jog in a nearby forest and does not show up for work. Very anxious, her husband Laurent and daughter Lucie will soon discover that this ordinary mother is not at all who she claims.

The script of the series offers us a gripping and well-crafted story around this mysterious disappearance.

A high-flying cast

To embody the main characters of the series The Abyss, the production has called upon actors well known to viewers.

Elsa Lacaze is played by Sara Mortensen who was revealed by the soap opera Plus belle la vie and who makes the beautiful days of France 2 in the police series Astrid and Raphaëlle alongside Lola Dewaere.

As for her husband Laurent, he is played by Gil Alma that viewers were able to discover in Nos chers voisins on TF1. Since then, the actor has made his way and he became the main interpreter of the police series César Wagner on France 2.

Their daughter Lola is played by Marie Mallia, who played the role of Lola in Plus belle la vie on France 3.

This 5-star cast is completed by Christopher Bayemi, seen recently in the police TV movie À l'instinct on France 2, Samuel Labarthe and Hélène Seuzaret.

A thriller that keeps its promises

Of course, the series The Abyss follows a rather classic pattern in suspense series: that of a heroine who has changed her identity to escape her past but sees it resurface.

Despite an inevitable feeling of déjà vu, this new series keeps its promises and the suspense will keep you on the edge of your seat throughout the 6 52-minute episodes.

In addition to its quality casting, this French drama has as another asset beautiful natural settings and landscapes that the production went looking for in the south of France, between the Var and the Alpes de Haute-Provence.

This cleverly plotted series was notably shot near the Sainte-Croix lake and the Verdon Gorges: an idyllic setting that makes this suspense series a real invitation to travel!

If you, too, find this trailer enticing, know that this never-before-seen series will air on Wednesday nights at 9:10pm on France 2. See you from February 8 to discover this thriller at a rate of two episodes per evening or in full on the platform.

Author: Audrey
Copyright image: FTV
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