Salary: What Is The Social Net Amount?

Since July 2023, a new line has appeared on pay slips: the social net amount. But what exactly is this and when should this sum be declared? Here are some explanations.

What is the net social amount?

The "net social amount" or MNS is a figure that must appear on all pay slips in France since July 1, 2023. Since that date, this new amount must be calculated by the employer for all employees he hires and pays, including expatriate employees.

However, be careful! This net social amount should not be confused with the "net amount payable" which also appears on the pay slip and corresponds to the sum actually paid by the company to the employee.

This new figure does not replace either the net amount payable or the net taxable amount which continue to be indicated on the pay slip.

How is the net social amount calculated?

The net social amount corresponds to the total gross amounts, remunerations and replacement incomes, paid by the employer to the employee minus the mandatory social contributions and charges.

This amount reflects the income received by the employee: their salary of course, but also bonuses, overtime pay, benefits in kind, the company's contribution to vacation vouchers, and severance payments.

What is the purpose of the social net amount?

The net social amount, which has been gradually integrated into the pay slip, must also appear since January 1, 2024 on social benefit statements, such as retirement pensions or unemployment insurance, for example.

This new figure was implemented as part of the government's "solidarity at source" strategy. Thanks to this amount, employees are better informed about the resources taken into account for calculating their rights to certain social benefits like the activity bonus or RSA (Active Solidarity Income).

Furthermore, CAF (Family Allowance Fund) beneficiaries no longer have to do any calculations when making their quarterly income declaration. They simply need to declare the net social amounts shown on their last three pay slips.

In summary, this new amount aims to:
• simplify procedures for allocation beneficiaries.
• reduce the number of errors in declarations.
• decrease the non-take-up rate of social aids.

In which cases is it necessary to declare the net social amount?

This new measure applies to recipients of the activity bonus and the RSA (revenue de solidarité active, or active solidarity income). Since February 1, 2024, beneficiaries of these social aids must indicate the net social amount in their declarations to the CAF (Caisse des allocations familiales, or Family Allowance Fund).

If you are one of the concerned beneficiaries, note that this new amount appears at the bottom of your pay slip above the net amount to be paid.

Note: Starting from March 2024, it will also be possible to consult this net social amount on the website (link below).

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