Jamy's World: A Tantalizing Issue On The Great Adventure Of Taste

Attention foodistas and fans of Le Monde de Jamy! The next issue of this science magazine, which will be broadcast on Wednesday, October 12, will take you on a tantalizing gustatory journey filled with exciting information. This magazine devoted to The Great Adventure of Taste promises to reveal the secrets and quirks of our taste system.

A particularly complex meaning

If you like the science magazine hosted by Jamy Gourmaud and Élégantine Éméyé and you are otherwise a fine gourmet or a cooking enthusiast, you will love the next issue of Jamy's World!

On the occasion of the Fête de la Science and the Fête du Goût in October, Jamy offers us a brand new issue dedicated to our gustatory system under the title La grande aventure du goût.

The host explains: 'Taste is the most complex and powerful sense we have since it uses all our other senses.' You will indeed discover during the program that our gustatory system mobilizes not only our taste buds and our sense of smell but also our sight, hearing and memory!

The reasons for our likes and dislikes

Have you ever wondered why some people love Hawaiian pizza with pineapple while others prefer 4 cheese pizza? Based on current knowledge about the sense of taste, Jamy will explain why tastes differ from one person to another and cannot be discussed...

With his usual pedagogy, the host will notably give us the reasons why children are so attracted to sugar but refuse to taste new foods. He will also reveal tips on how to convince our own children to try foods they are not familiar with.

In The Great Adventure of Taste, Jamy will detail the causes of food repulsions which differ from one culture to another. He will thus provide the answer to questions such as: Where does disgust come from? Why do our 'stinky cheeses' repel most foreigners?

On the other hand, he will explain why specific foods such as pizza are universally appreciated and can cross borders to conquer all palates...

Tips for better eating

This exciting and gourmet edition of Jamy's World will be lined with scientific and/or fun experiments. During this show, Jamy will question how our other senses, like sight, influence our perception of taste.

The host will show us how the brain can be tricked into consuming less salt and prove that taming the sense of taste can help with a balanced, healthier diet. Jamy will even give cooking tips on how to bring out all the flavors with less salt!

You'll be guilt-free as you discover why it's so hard to resist fatty and sweet foods even when you know they're not good for your health.

True to the show's concept, La grande aventure du goût promises to help us discover new scientific facts, surprise us and help us improve our diet along with our general culture.

This gustatory journey, rich in flavors and information, is to be discovered on France 3 on Wednesday, October 12 at 9:10 pm.

On the occasion of the Fête de la Science, France 3 offers a special evening and rebroadcasts two other issues of the magazine Le monde de Jamy following this novelty:
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- They save us, they heal us: these animals that do us good.

Author: Audrey
Copyright image: FTV
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In French: Le monde de Jamy : un numéro alléchant sur la grande aventure du goût
En español: El mundo de Jamy: un número tentador sobre la gran aventura del gusto
In italiano: Il mondo di Jamy: un numero stuzzicante sulla grande avventura del gusto
Auf Deutsch: Jamys Welt: Eine verlockende Ausgabe über das große Abenteuer des Geschmacks
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