The Lumbar Belt: When To Use It?

A medical device designed to support the lower back, the lumbar belt can provide relief in many cases, especially if you are pregnant or have to carry heavy loads. We suggest you discover when and how to wear this orthopedic device.

How does it work?

A lumbar belt is a medical device that is worn in the lower back to protect and support your lumbar vertebrae.

It usually attaches with a velcro strap in the front and wraps around your entire abdomen. Although there are several models, this medical device always has a supportive role.

This belt helps to correct the arching of the lower back or lordosis, support the vertebrae, limit their movement and thus reduce the strain on the paravertebral muscles.

How to choose it?

If the doctor has prescribed a lumbar belt, it is essential to visit a pharmacy to try out several models.

In fact, there are two different heights (21 and 26 cm) and several degrees of contention. The more pain you have in your lumbar region, the greater the degree of contention you need.

But, in all cases, you have to find a compromise between efficiency and comfort. Some models are worn under clothing next to the skin while others are worn over a t-shirt.

There are even evolving models specially designed for pregnant women with a band on the front to support the belly without compressing it.

Choose a model that does not bother you when you sit down but that is well positioned on your hips in order to ensure sufficient compression of your lumbar region. To be effective, the belt must cover the painful area of the lower back.

When can it be used?

Wearing a lumbar belt can provide relief in most cases of back pain. This device is usually prescribed for lumbago or common low back pain, regardless of the origin of the pain.

Whether your back pain is related to a wrong movement, osteoarthritis, pregnancy or even a herniated disc, wearing this type of belt will help you feel less pain and take fewer painkillers.

In addition, since you will be in less pain and less reluctant to move, you will be able to resume your activities, whether it is physical activity or your professional activity.

This device can also be used for prevention:
- to prevent the onset of pain when you have to make efforts (such as Gardening or carrying heavy loads)
- to prevent recurrence of lumbago because its rigidity limits dangerous movements and bad postures.

When should I wear it?

Contrary to what is often heard, it is possible to wear the lumbar belt on a daily basis, even for an extended period of time.

This medical device does not cause any muscle wasting, as long as you continue your daily activities.

When you wear this belt, your muscles still work, but in a different way. Now, resuming physical activity is an integral part of treating back pain.

In short, it's better to put on a belt and move than to go without and remain inactive.

Beware: wearing this belt does not exempt you from making the right moves when you have to lift a heavy load or from doing physical therapy exercises to strengthen your abdominal muscles.

Remember that proper abdominal sheathing and good posture are the most effective ways to prevent back pain!

Author: Audrey
Copyright image: Bullenwächter
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