Gardening: 5 Tips For Repotting A Fat Plant

Mini succulents have been a trend in decoration for a few years. But these small plants can't stay in the same pot forever and sometimes need more space. Here are 5 tips for repotting succulents.

1- Repot on average every 2 years

Mini succulents and other succulents are often grown in small containers. This is because these plants have a particular fondness for being cramped.

Despite this, it is necessary to repot them, on average every 2 years for two reasons:
- firstly, succulents (even miniature ones) grow and end up needing more space than their pot can offer them
- second, the substrate eventually runs out and, when the nutrients have been absorbed, the plant vegetates.

So our first tip for repotting a fat plant is not to delay this too long.

Repotting will allow you to choose a slightly larger pot and renew the growing medium to give the plant space and nutrients again.

2- Potting in spring

The second tip for repotting a fat plant is to do this procedure in the spring.

This favorable season for most repotting is also favorable for succulents so wait until late March or April.

This way, your succulent will benefit from mild temperatures and good light to grow, once installed in its new pot.

3- Use a suitable substrate

The third tip for repotting a fat plant is to use a suitable substrate, i.e. cactus soil.

Since succulents are plants that like poor, well-drained soil, cactus potting soils may even be too rich.

To remedy this problem, also include clay balls or gravel that will ensure proper drainage of the pot.

4- Do not water

Unlike other plants, succulents do not need to be watered before repotting.

The fourth tip for repotting a fat plant is to not water it, either before repotting or after!

Instead, wait for the soil to dry out before repotting your succulent. It is indeed necessary that the roots of the plant are quite dry.

You can then proceed to repotting by following the method described below.

5- Respect all the steps

Our final tip for repotting a fat plant is to proceed in order and follow all the following steps carefully.

Choose a pot that is a little larger than the previous one, measuring about 2 cm larger in diameter.

Check the pot for holes or pierce it and lay a bed of gravel or clay balls 2 cm thick in the bottom of the pot.

Add the cactus potting soil after moistening it slightly with a spray bottle.

Remove the plant from its old pot, being careful not to break too many roots. Remove as much soil as possible from around the roots before placing the plant in the center of the new pot.

Add potting soil around the root ball until the pot is almost completely full and pack it down well.

Do not water the plant immediately after repotting, but place it in an area free from heat and direct sun to prevent dehydration.

You can resume watering as before after 2 weeks.

Author: Audrey
Copyright image: Audrey Vautherot
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