Gardening: 5 Good Deals To Find Cheap Plants.

Even when we love gardening, we can't do it at any cost... As inflation forces the French to manage their budget more strictly, leisure activities are often a sacrificed expense. For all those who don't want to give up their passion for gardening, here are 5 good deals to find cheap plants.

1- The website "Plantes pour tous"

The first of the 5 good deals to find cheap plants is the website "Plantes pour tous" (link below). This company, founded by two landscape designer friends, organizes plant sales at fixed prices (2€, 5€ and 10€) in major cities across France.

One can find many plant species there at prices 20% to 30% cheaper than usual.

Outside of these occasional events, the company has two garden centers, one in Paris near the Saint-Martin canal and one in Lyon Bellecour. The website also has an online store (currently closed but should reopen soon).

2- The Phenix application

The Phenix app is an anti-waste application that works in the same way as Too Good to Go or HopHopFood.

But, unlike its competitors, it avoids waste of both food and non-food products. It therefore has the great advantage of also working with florists and nurseries!

If you want to take advantage of this second good deal to find cheap plants, simply download the application and register by indicating your address. You will then be able to view the businesses located near you that offer surprise baskets to save.

Large retailers such as Truffaut as well as local florists sell slightly damaged plants by dividing prices by two or three. To not miss any good deals, remember to subscribe to their alerts!

3- Sales of horticultural high schools.

The third of the 5 good deals to find cheap plants is to take advantage of sales organized by horticultural and landscaping high schools. These educational institutions organize this type of event once or twice a year to prevent plants grown by students from being lost.

These discounted sales are a real bargain for beginner gardeners and for anyone looking to garden on a budget every day. Now that you know the trick, all you have to do is look for the horticultural high school located closest to you!

If you live in Paris, note that the Horticultural Production Center of the City of Paris also sells its surplus of plants at low prices and that other cities organize similar events. Inquire with the municipal services responsible for green spaces in your city.

4- Small markets and big supermarkets.

Large gardening stores and nurseries often display high prices. Another good way to find cheap plants is to avoid specialized stores and turn to other vendors.

Several strategies can help you save money on plants:

• buy cheaper plants in general supermarkets like Lidl or DIY stores like Leroy Merlin

• buy plants at markets: prices are often reasonable because sellers source directly from wholesale markets and do not have rent to pay, unlike florists. Don't hesitate to talk to sellers and ask for a discount if you buy several plants.

• set alerts for plant classified ads on Leboncoin website: some users sell their green plants at low prices when they move!

5- Gifts between individuals

Finally, the last of the 5 good deals to find cheap plants is to take advantage of donations between individuals.

The specialized Geev application can allow you to get plants and gardening equipment without spending anything! If you are lucky enough to have a generous gardener in your area, you can take advantage of their donations or even trade ...

Plant bartering is another system of solidarity among gardeners and allows for gardening on a tight budget.

Author: Audrey
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