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The Crown of Thorns plant: cultivation and maintenance

want to repot your Christ's Thorn after purchase, you must ensure to choose a pot with the appropriate shape. Always use a container with one or more drainage holes at the bottom of the pot so that watering can drain out. This plant is quite resilient, but it can rot due to excess moisture. Overwat ...


How to repot and maintain a mimosa?

can use a bag of 'special Mediterranean plant' potting soil. Provide a good layer of expanded clay balls at the bottom of your planter to ensure good drainage. After repotting, water copiously and install your mimosa in full sun. If it freezes at night in your area, don't forget to protect you ...


The Schlumbergera or Christmas Cactus in 5 Questions

ght, well-drained soil. It is recommended to repot it in a mixture of sand and potting soil, or to place clay pebbles or gravel at the bottom of the pot to improve drainage. It should be watered regularly and misted, but never leave water in the saucer. How to make a Christmas cactus bloom? To flou ...


The Carob tree: the tree with small horns

ows in many types of soils including hillsides with deep sandy or free soil, even arid. It does not tolerate acidic or soaked soils but requires good drainage. Watering must be provided during very dry seasons if the tree is grown for its fruit. However, it is very Drought resistant, so it can be pl ...


The main installations to entrust to a professional plumber

d fit them with their taps. He will also connect the fittings to the pipes with flexible hoses and he will finish by connecting the water supply and drainage. ...


Gardening: 5 tips for repotting a fat plant

r, well-drained soil, cactus potting soils may even be too rich. To remedy this problem, also include clay balls or gravel that will ensure proper drainage of the pot. 4- Do not water Unlike other plants, succulents do not need to be watered before repotting. The fourth tip for repotting a ...


The chocolate drop: a plant that smells like chocolate

herefore be installed in a dry rock garden or a sunny bed. It can also be grown in a pot or window box, provided it is given a sunny exposure and good drainage. Easy sowing and maintenance The chocolate drop really has it all: besides the gourmet scent of its flowers, it is easy to plant and mai ...


The dierama or angel's fishing rod: a plant full of poetry.

rface! Note: it is also possible to grow angel's fishing rod in a pot, provided you provide it with a large enough container with a water reserve and drainage at the bottom of the pot. You can, for example, put clay balls at the bottom of the pot before filling it with a mixture of garden soil, san ...


Rubber plant: an easy-to-maintain green plant.

It tolerates all pH levels (acidic, neutral, or alkaline soil). When planting, simply put gravel or clay beads at the bottom of the pot to ensure good drainage. Ideally, provide it with a substrate composed of equal parts potting soil, garden soil, sand, and compost. It is an easy to maintain plant. ...


The spotted pothos: 5 good reasons to adopt this plant.

t to thrive. Place it in a bright room but slightly away from windows, protected from direct sunlight. Provide it with regular potting soil with good drainage or orchid substrate. Note: This species native to Southeast Asia is an epiphytic plant like orchids... In its natural habitat, it clings to ...


The Watershed: an artistic hike in Ardèche

An artistic journey along the GR7 In geography, the watershed line separates rainwater into two drainage basins: one for the Mediterranean and the other for the Atlantic. In Ardèche, this invisible line has inspired the name for a hiking trail dotted with works of art. "The Watershed" is a 90 km ...


Garden: 5 Good Reasons to Plant a Guava Tree

us potting mix blended with a bit of compost. You just need to make sure to put a good layer of clay pebbles at the bottom of the pot to ensure proper drainage. This tree, native to Peru, has spread throughout South America and then to all tropical countries. Today, it is considered an invasive spe ...


Garden: How to Install Japanese Stepping Stones?

one plus 2 cm. Remove any stones and roots and level the bottom of the hole. Line the bottom with sand about 2 cm thick. You can also add a layer of drainage felt between the sand and the slab. The use of geotextile fabric can slow down the growth of weeds that might spoil the look and destabilize ...