Aurone: The Most Effective Plant Against Mosquitoes

The mosquito is an unwelcome guest in the garden and on the terrace. To repel them, the most effective plant against mosquitoes is not the one you think... It is not citronella or scented geranium, but aurone or lemon balm!

An anti-mosquito plant to discover

Less well known than lemongrass or scented geranium, Aurone or lemon sage is a perennial aromatic plant in the Asteraceae family. Its botanical name is Artemisia abrotanum.

This species is native to southern Europe and the Middle East and forms a small shrub 50 cm to 1 m tall. It grows in a bushy clump and can be recognized by its finely divided gray-green foliage.

A natural repellent

If aurora is a natural mosquito repellent, it's because of its aromatic foliage whose very lemony scent repels unwanted insects.

Lemongrass is perhaps the most effective plant against mosquitoes because its leaves have an odor reminiscent of both lemongrass and wormwood.

Simply plant some in your garden or around a patio to enjoy your summer evenings without bites or itching.

If you're a prime target for these insects, you can also crumple up some lemon mugwort leaves and rub them on your arms and legs to scare them away.

Finally, you can dry bunches of this mosquito repellent plant to place inside. This natural trick can be enough to keep mosquitoes away from your home without resorting to chemical insecticides.

Another insect trick is to dry this plant and put it in a bag in your closets to keep moths away from your clothes.

To note: this natural repellent effect also works on other Insects and pests such as flies and aphids. Therefore, it is worth growing this aromatic perennial plant in your vegetable garden.

An easy to grow plant

Unlike other mosquito repellent plants such as the scented geranium, aurone is hardy and low maintenance.

You'll simply need to water it in hot weather and cut the plant back in early spring to regrow its leaves and maintain a nice bushy shape.

It is possible to grow it in all regions of France because it is very hardy and tolerates strong frosts.

It accepts any type of soil, even sandy or stony, and can be installed in the sun or half-shade.

Medicinal virtues

Like other plants in the sagebrush family, Artemisia abrotanum has medicinal properties.

Aurone was once used to treat digestive problems and colds. It was also thought to have vermifuge, diuretic and anti-fatigue properties.

Even today, this bitter-tasting plant is used to make a liqueur called arquebuse liquor. Simply macerate three beautiful branches of lemon mugwort in a liter of fruit alcohol at 40°.

Turn the bottle over from time to time and then strain the alcohol after 40 days. Add about twenty sugar cubes (more or less according to your taste) and you will get an excellent digestive to sip at the end of hearty meals, but always in moderation of course!

Author: Audrey
Copyright image: Aka
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In French: L'aurone : la plante la plus efficace contre les moustiques
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