Autumn Blooms: What Are The Seasonal Flowers?

It is during the summer that it is appropriate to prepare autumn blooms to see them flourish in September and October. For all those who are wondering about seasonal flowers, here is a selection of bulbs that bloom in autumn and planting tips to flower your garden or balcony from late September until the first frost.

What are the bulbs that bloom in autumn?

Autumn-flowering bulbs should not be confused with "autumn bulbs" (such as tulips, daffodils, hyacinths) that are planted in the autumn but bloom in spring.

The flower bulbs that will produce autumn blooms are:

- garden amaryllis;
- saffron;
- yellow crocus;
- colchicum.

How to plant amaryllis?

The garden amaryllis or Amaryllis belladona produces pink and fragrant flowers in September-October.

To enjoy these autumn blooms, it is recommended to plant the bulbs just below the surface of the soil, with the bulb neck level with the ground, in a humus-rich and well-drained soil.

This plant prefers full sun exposure but can also be placed in partial shade in southern regions.

How to plant other bulbs?

Among the autumn blooms, the colchicum (Colchicum autumnale), saffron (Crocus sativus), and yellow autumn crocus (Sernbergia lutea) should be planted in the same way.

Plant these bulbs in well-drained soil, in dappled light or partial shade. The top part of the bulb should be buried at a depth equivalent to its height.

It is also advisable to plant autumn crocuses and colchicums under foliage that will protect them from heavy rains. This helps prevent their flowers from lying on the ground.

What are the other autumn flowers?

In order to decorate your garden or balcony in the fall, you can also create autumn flower arrangements or potted plants.

To do this, you can use fall blooms such as miniature chrysanthemums or cyclamens. You can plant together:

• dwarf asters;
• heathers;
• chrysanthemums;
• mini cyclamens.

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