Hydrolatherapy : 5 Hydrolats To Drink To Heal Yourself

When we talk about the medicinal virtues of plants, we often mention the properties of essential oils or infusions. But did you know that it is also possible to take advantage of the benefits of hydrolats, another product resulting from the distillation of plants with steam? For all those who want to learn about hydrolatherapy, here are 5 hydrolats that you can drink to treat yourself.

1- Drink orange blossom hydrolate to sleep well

Orange blossom hydrosol is one of the most well-known edible floral waters because it is often used in baking. But did you know that this hydrosol is also very effective in helping you relieve and find sleep?

If you have trouble falling asleep, you can use this floral water to make yourself a calming herbal tea at night.

The recipe is very simple as you just need to dilute a teaspoon of orange blossom hydrosol in a cup of hot water. You can also prepare a calming herbal tea such as linden infusion or a commercial calm night blend and add the spoonful of hydrosol directly into your cup.

2- Drink Roman chamomile hydrosol against stomach aches

If you suffer from stress-related digestive issues such as bloating and intestinal spasms, you can also enjoy the benefits of hydrolatherapy.

The floral water recommended in this case to soothe bloating and digestive discomfort is Roman Chamomile Hydrosol. This medicinal plant is indeed known for its calming effect on the emotions and the digestive system.

Simply dilute a teaspoon of floral water in a glass of water or a cup of hot water and take this drink noon and evening, after meals.

3- Drink rosemary hydrolate as a detox cure

If you overindulged in food or alcohol during the holiday season, hydrolatherapy can help you detoxify. Rosemary verbenone hydrolate is particularly good for a detox because it stimulates the emunctories, namely the liver, gallbladder and kidneys.

It thus helps to eliminate toxins but also to fight against water retention and edema.

To take this hydrosol, you can:
- either dilute a tablespoon in a liter of water and drink this mixture throughout the day
- or dilute a teaspoon of hydrolat in a glass of warm water and take this mixture in the morning on an empty stomach for 3 weeks.

To note: unlike the other hydrosols mentioned in this article, rosemary water is not recommended for children under 6 years old and pregnant women.

4- Laurel hydrolate against oral problems

Another very useful hydrosol for self-care is noble bay hydrosol because fresh flavor allows it to be incorporated into homemade oral care.

Thanks to its purifying and refreshing properties, it can be used as a mouthwash against bad breath or small boo-boos (such as mouth ulcers and mouth wounds).

It is also a product that can be drunk in hydrolotherapy to promote digestion and soothe flatulence. It is even said to have stimulating properties for the immune system to prevent winter viruses. Do not hesitate to use it in gargle in case of sore throat or angina.

5- Ravintsara hydrolate against winter ailments

If you're looking for a natural remedy to help you fight fatigue and prevent winter ailments like colds, flu and bronchitis, you can also use hydrolatherapy!

The hydrolate of ravintsara is known for its tonic and fortifying properties. It is credited with the power to support immunity in the prevention or accompaniment of winter viral infections.

If you have caught a cold or bronchitis, you can drink this hydrosol to clear the respiratory sphere.

To take it, simply dilute a teaspoon of hydrosol in a large glass of water (in prevention) or a tablespoon always in a large glass of water (in treatment of winter viruses).

Which hydrolat can I drink?

If you want to use hydrolatherapy, you should always check that the products you buy are edible.

You should also choose certified pure and organic floral waters.

Beware: you should not confuse edible hydrolats that can be used in hydrolatherapy with cosmetic floral waters (rose for example) that contain preservatives or with flavors (orange blossom in particular) intended for use in baking.

Author: Audrey
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