Wellness At Work: 4 Good Reasons To Put Green Plants In The Office

After several weeks of teleworking due to health restrictions, some employees are reluctant to return to the office. What if the solution to making offices more inviting was to add some greenery? We've listed 4 good reasons to put green plants in the office.

1- Plants improve the atmosphere of the premises

It is no coincidence that more and more companies are putting plants in their entrance hall or plant walls in their premises.

Very serious scientific studies have shown that the presence of Green plants in the office helps to improve well-being at work.

Indeed, in addition to the supposed action of depolluting plants against indoor pollution and waves from our computer equipment, the simple color green is reputed to be relaxing.

Moreover, the addition of plants is enough to make a place (like an office, but also a medical practice or a shop) more welcoming and warm... and not only for the employees!

A plant-rich environment helps to reduce the stress level of the occupants. In companies, this would make employees feel better about their workplace, with less absenteeism as a result.

According to a study by the American University of Oregon published in 2011, a work environment with small green spaces allows decrease absenteeism by 10%.

2- They contribute to better acoustics

Of course, Green plants are above all aesthetic and contribute to improving and 'greening' the image of your company

Even if their contribution on the visual level is the most obvious, it is not their only asset! Plants also have an acoustic interest.

Because their leaves absorb sound waves, plants can be used as natural barriers to reduce ambient noise and improve the acoustics of work spaces.

They will be particularly useful if your premises have a lot of hard surfaces, such as a concrete or stone floor. In this context, the addition of plants will help to remedy the resonance and the resulting noise nuisance.

3- Plants boost productivity

The benefits of green plants in the office are not limited to increasing the well-being of employees. A greened environment also improves their creativity and productivity.

According to a Cardiff University study, employees who have a green plant on their desk show a 15% higher level of productivity compared to other employees.

According to the authors of this study, this increased productivity would be linked to the soothing effect of plants. It is now proven that vegetation has a positive impact on health, on stress levels but also on employees' ability to concentrate.

Logically, a relaxed employee who feels good in his or her work environment and who is more focused will naturally be more productive.

The positive impact of plants on employees' creativity and productivity explains why office design is increasingly inspired by nature.

Today, biophilic design brings nature into our workspaces through plants but also through natural light, windows overlooking gardens and materials such as wood or stone.

4- They strengthen team spirit

Managers and business leaders don't always think about it, but putting plants in the office is also a good way to strengthen team spirit within the company and develop a sense of belonging to a group.

This is because plants need care, and the simple act of caring for them can become a joint project, encouraging collaboration between employees and promoting social interaction and communication.

If you involve your employees in the greening of their office, they will feel more engaged not only in that specific project, but in the life of the company in general.

Author: Audrey
Copyright image: Kelly Cookson on Flickr
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