Job: The Boom Of Landscaping Professions.

Landscape professions are hiring. With the enthusiasm of the French for outdoor landscaping, gardeners, tree surgeons, and landscapers are increasingly in demand throughout France. This booming plant sector has many opportunities to offer to people looking for employment or career change. Explanations.

A sector that is hiring.

When looking for a job, one maximizes their chances of being quickly hired by turning to the most promising professions. If you are a job seeker and outdoor manual work does not scare you, know that the landscaping sector is one of the most dynamic.

With the enthusiasm of the French for gardening and outdoor landscaping of their homes, especially since the Covid-19 pandemic, there has been a considerable increase in demand in all landscaping professions.

Driven by this strong demand, the landscaping industry has created over 12,000 jobs in 2022. Not only do these professions recruit, but they also have a promising future in the coming years. Despite the increasing number of young graduates, companies and local authorities are still looking for labor in the field of landscaping throughout France.

According to the director of the famous École du Breuil, all students who pass through his institution are hired immediately after completing their training.

Diverse and promising careers.

Landscape professions are booming and are much more diverse than one might think. Following a landscaping training in a vocational high school or specialized higher education institution provides access to several career opportunities.

Among the various facets of landscaping, we can notably mention:
• Garden design for individuals.
• Green space design for public establishments or companies.
• Management of golf courses or greens.
• Sports field design.
• Creation or renovation of parks for classified monuments such as castles.

Furthermore, not all students who train in this field become landscape consultants or landscape architects. In the plant sector, one can also pursue a career as a horticulturist nurseryman or gardener.

Gardeners are responsible for carrying out the work, maintaining green spaces and plantings, while the landscape architect is the project leader. They head the team of gardeners and collaborate with other professionals such as architects, urban planners, and horticulturists.

An increase in career changes.

The landscaping industry not only attracts young people in initial training, but also employees undergoing professional retraining. Today, an increasing number of individuals aged 30 to 50 are turning to landscaping careers after previously working in the paramedical, advertising, or computer security fields!

Requests for professional retraining to become a landscaper are also booming, especially since various training paths are available, ranging from vocational high school diplomas to engineering degrees, as well as professional licenses and landscaping management BTSA.

To learn more about the profession of landscaper and the different training options, I invite you to read our article on the subject (link provided).

Author: Audrey
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