Job Offers: 5 Good Reasons To Use The Hellowork Platform.

Platform born from the merger of several job dedicated websites, makes online job search easier. For all those who are looking for a job that really suits them, here are 5 good reasons to use the HelloWork platform.

1- The group is the leader in online job search.

The first of the 5 good reasons to use the HelloWork platform for your online job search is the group's leadership in this field.

Indeed, even if the name of this site is not familiar to you, is the digital leader in the employment, recruitment, and training sector in France.

This platform was born in May 2022 from the merger of the job sites RegionsJob, ParisJob, and Cadreo. Today, this group, led by François Leverger and Jérôme Armbruster, has around 500 employees.

2- This platform is easy to use.

In addition to its position as a sector leader, which is a true guarantee of seriousness, HelloWork is a very user-friendly platform for candidates. The features on the website and mobile application are free and their use is particularly intuitive.

Once candidates have uploaded a resume to the platform, the job offers that appear are already tailored to their profile, which represents a considerable time saving. To ensure they don't miss any interesting online job offers, candidates also have the option to create alerts based on their profile and desired profession.

Finally, the platform allows them to track the progress of their application and immediately know the response from a recruiter through their personal account on the website or mobile application.

3- This platform plays the card of total transparency.

One of the highlights of the HelloWork platform is to bring transparency to all stages of the recruitment process.

To help candidates find the best job offers online, this site offers clear and precise sheets and provides useful information for each proposed position, such as:
• salary;
• details of the recruitment process;
• assigned missions;
• possible evolutions.

4- HelloWork puts the candidate at the heart of the recruitment process.

As the job market faces recruitment difficulties in certain sectors, HelloWork presents itself as a solution to attract and retain candidates for hiring.

On job offer websites, 86% of candidates leave a job offer without applying. That is why this platform aims to provide internet users with the most comprehensive information possible. The algorithms used allow candidates to access the most relevant professional opportunities for them.

Before applying, candidates want to have information in the job posting about the company, the proposed position, and the tasks they will be entrusted with. Today's workforce wants the most accurate information possible about salary, work environment, the possibility of teleworking, and if so, the number of teleworking days and schedule flexibility.

On the platform, which is structured into several sections such as job offers, temporary assignments, internships, and apprenticeships, candidates can choose the right company and position based on their own criteria by applying search filters. On their part, in order to better meet the expectations of certain candidates, companies can indicate if they have an RSE label such as Écocert 26000 or Engagé RSE.

5- This platform generates thousands of hires.

Building on the various points listed above, the website presents itself as an innovative recruitment platform that adapts to new practices and candidate expectations.

Through its mobile application and website, it aims to save time for people searching for jobs as well as companies looking for candidates. More than 2.5 million applications are processed each month on this platform. In 2022, HelloWork group's services generated 36 million connections.

The site displays around 500,000 job offers every month, and as proof of its effectiveness, there are an average of 4,400 recruitments per day following an application on HelloWork!

Author: Audrey
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In French: Offres d'emploi : 5 bonnes raisons d'utiliser la plateforme HelloWork
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