Career Transition: 5 Signs That It's Time To Change Jobs

Are you interested in a career change, but are you hesitating between leaving or staying? You would like to change employer or career path, but you are afraid of regretting this choice later on? To help you in your reflection on your professional future, we have listed 5 signs that it is time to change jobs.

1- You are bored at your job

If you're getting less and less excited about going to the office in the morning, this lack of motivation should be a red flag. This is the first of 5 signs that it's time to change jobs.

People who enjoy their jobs, who feel like they belong, have no trouble leaving for work in the morning.

Conversely, if you lack desire and energy when you get to your workplace, it's probably a sign that this job has grown boring.

The boredom at work or bore-out is as bad a health problem as the notorious burn out due to overwork. So if you spend your work time looking at your watch, surfing the Internet, or taking breaks, it's time to do something about it and look for a more satisfying job.

2- You no longer find meaning in your work

Another sign that it's time to change jobs is the feeling of not feeling useful.

If you increasingly feel like your job lacks meaning, you can't thrive in that position, and that's even if it comes with a good salary and seems enviable.

The material conditions of a job, such as salary and benefits, are not enough to feel happy at work: it is also necessary that what you do every day has meaning in your eyes and gives you the conviction of being useful.

Besides, if you feel jealous of people around you who are satisfied with their work, it's not proof that you've suddenly become envious. Rather, it is a sign of your own job dissatisfaction and a signal that should alert you.

3- You have relationship problems at work

Even if you are satisfied or even passionate about the job you have, relationship problems with your colleagues or your hierarchy are reason enough to look elsewhere.

In the professional sphere as in the private sphere, every individual needs to feel accepted by the group.

If you no longer recognize yourself in the company's culture and in the values advocated by your employer, this is another of the 5 signs that it is time to change jobs.

Perhaps you could do the same job in a smaller structure that would suit you better... It is not uncommon to leave a large group for a family business or a human-sized start-up.

4- You feel bad at the office

Workplace unhappiness often results in physical symptoms, pain and repeated sick days.

So if you leave work with a gut feeling, have heart palpitations in the elevator, or have trouble falling asleep on Sunday nights, don't ignore these warning signs.

The physical discomfort you're experiencing is one of 5 signs that it's time to change jobs, especially if you value your health.

This discomfort can manifest itself in a variety of ways such as digestive pain, back pain, and other symptoms of stress ... Don't wait until you reach burnout to look for a position more in line with your desires and values.

5- You look forward to the days off as a lifeline

It's only natural to look forward to your next annual leave... However, if you're waiting for your days off like a drowning man hoping for a life preserver, this inordinate expectation is one of 5 signs that it's time to change jobs.

Counting the days you have left to 'make it' before your vacation shows that you have a problem with your work days. If you feel like you're 'reliving' the weekend or vacation days, it's probably time to listen to your intuition and your desire for a change!

Good to Know
It is possible to change jobs and paths at any age. Plus, when you're not thriving at work, change doesn't have to be drastic to feel better. Sometimes all it takes to feel more fulfilled professionally is to change companies or develop a second business on the side.

Author: Audrey
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