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Heart: Test your heart health with the staircase test

t problems. How to proceed? To take the staircase test, all you need to do is find a building with 4 floors or more and of course forget about the elevator! The principle of the test is to climb the equivalent of 4 floors or 60 steps as quickly as possible. To assess your heart health, you ...


The Eiffel Tower: presentation and history

First week, it receives 28,922 visitors; ascent to the first and second floors is done on foot). - May 26, 1889 : the ascent of the tower is done by elevator - October 31, 1889 : end of the 1889 World's Fair (almost 2 million people visited the monument in only six months). In 1898, Eiffel had ...


What to do in Milan?

rved by a different artist, it is hardly surprising that it took more than 500 years to complete the construction work. It is a good idea to take the elevator to the roof where you will find a breathtaking view of the Alps on a clear day. 7) Visit the Sforza Castle In the heart of the city, the ...


Career transition: 5 signs that it's time to change jobs

happiness often results in physical symptoms, pain and repeated sick days. So if you leave work with a gut feeling, have heart palpitations in the elevator, or have trouble falling asleep on Sunday nights, don't ignore these warning signs. The physical discomfort you're experiencing is one of ...


Year Zero on M6: 3 good reasons to watch this new TV series

4-episode fantasy miniseries, the three main characters are taken back a year in an unexplained way. This trio finds themselves trapped in the same elevator. Midnight passes and when the doors open again, it is not January 1, 2024, but January 1, 2023. No one around them seems to be aware tha ...


Valentine's Day in Nice: 5 places to visit with your partner

re on top of this hill. But this place is still a must-see for enjoying an extraordinary view of the Bay of Angels. Whether you choose to go up by elevator or to climb the Colline du Château on foot by the stairs, the wow effect is guaranteed upon arrival! From the top of this hill, you will be ...


Dubai: the destination of all records

skyscraper houses 160 habitable floors, with apartments, hotels and restaurants, and can accommodate up to 35,000 people in its 517,240 m² served by 57 elevators. Yet, in Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, Tom Cruise did not deign to take the elevator. It is with bare hands that his character clim ...