Year Zero On M6: 3 Good Reasons To Watch This New Tv Series

At the beginning of this year 2023, fantasy is very popular in French TV series! After Vortex, broadcast from January 2 on France 2, it is Year Zero which arrives on January 3 on M6. This new fiction also plays with time, but in a completely different way. We have listed for you 3 good reasons to watch.

1- For the mix of genres

As its title suggests, Year Zero is a fantasy series that plays on the notion of time travel. But the storyline of this groundbreaking fiction is not just about going back in time to manipulate events.

This French series directed by Olivier Barma offers a much bolder mix of genres with a police investigation, romance and a medical series vibe.

Indeed, the action takes place in a hospital on New Year's Eve, December 31, 2023. And it all starts with a crime as Marc, the hospital's star surgeon, is murdered. At the beginning of the first episode, the viewer simply discovers that he thinks he is the victim of a plot following two medical errors.

2- For the casting

Another good reason to watch Year Zero on M6 is the cast of this series. Indeed, viewers will have the pleasure of finding in the cast well-known faces and talented actors in the main and secondary roles.

This new fiction is carried by Claire Keim, who plays Anna the ex-wife of the murdered surgeon. A shrink at the hospital, she has a new passionate love affair with a young colleague.

The other main characters are Cedric the couple's best friend, played by Marc Riso, and Juliette the policewoman in charge of the investigation played by Émilie Dequenne.

The former was revealed on television in the role of Tanguy, in the series Je te promets on TF1.

The second turns regularly for TV and film. In 2021, she received the César for Best Supporting Actress for her role as a deceived wife in Les choses qu'on dit, les choses qu'on fait by Emmanuel Mouret.

3- For the audacity of the scenario

In this 4-episode fantasy miniseries, the three main characters are taken back a year in an unexplained way.

This trio finds themselves trapped in the same elevator. Midnight passes and when the doors open again, it is not January 1, 2024, but January 1, 2023.

No one around them seems to be aware that they have travelled in time. Bound by this secret, they understand that they have a chance to change events...

Marc is still very much alive and they may succeed in preventing his murder. If they are to succeed in saving his life, they must understand what happened and who had a motive to kill him.

For Juliette, this return to the past is an opportunity to foil a murder but also to save her relationship. For Cedric, on the other hand, going back one year is a catastrophe because he has just proposed to the woman he loves.

Each of the characters finds themselves confronted with human and moral dilemmas as life and death issues interfere with their personal problems.

Behind the police investigation lies a much more philosophical question: can one better control the course of one's life when one has already lived it? Is it really a good thing to be able to start over?

This new and daring drama can be seen on M6 starting tonight, Tuesday, January 3 at 9:10 pm.

Author: Audrey
Copyright image: M6
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