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Far to the north on the Arctic Circle lies Santa's village. Located near Rovaniemi in Finnish Lapland, it welcomes tens of thousands of visitors every year who come to discover its magnificent snowy landscapes and meet Santa Claus himself.

Where does Santa live?

Santa Claus, it is well known, lives in Lapland in northern Finland.
According to official sources, Santa Claus resides more precisely on Mount Korvatunturi, a remote place located on the border between Finland and Russia.

The road to Korvatunturi, where Santa's home, workshops and toy warehouses are located, is known only to the Santa Claus himself, his elves and his reindeer.
However, children wishing to meet him can visit him any day of the year near Rovaniemi, on the Arctic Circle.

That's where Santa's village is located.

Santa's village

The Finnish city of Rovaniemi, located 10 km south of the Arctic Circle, is the capital of Finnish Lapland.

But it is best known for receiving visitors heading to the Father Christmas or Santa Claus Village, located nearby on the Arctic Circle.

Rovaniemi is served by an airport near the village to accommodate visitors from around the world.
Every year, tens of thousands of people do indeed make the trip to visit the Father Christmas and admire the wonderful Lapland winter scenery.

To be discovered in the village

The Father Christmas village includes his office but also his main post office and reindeer park.

The Father Christmas post office is empowered to seal mail with a special stamp.
It is arguably one of the most impressive post offices in the world and has been specially reserved for Santa's mail.

Its contact details are: Tähtikuja 1, 96930 Napapiiri

Three permanent exhibits covering nearly 400 square metres provide an insight into the traditions of Christmas and the Father Christmas of Lapland, 'Joulupukki', most of the Christmas traditions around the world and the Elf Toy Factory.

Other possible activities

While the village of Father Christmas will delight the well-behaved children who have come to meet Santa Claus, the very wild surroundings of Rovaniemi will offer their parents multiple outdoor and sports opportunities.

In summer, the land of the Father Christmas also welcomes visitors who have come to contemplate the impressive and beautiful midnight sun.

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