Visit The French Riviera: 5 Secret Places In Antibes

There is not only the Fort Carré, the Cap d'Antibes and the Picasso museum to visit in the city of Antibes! This Côte d'Azur destination is home to many other treasures that have remained hidden from the tourist crowds. We suggest you discover 5 secret places in Antibes for visits off the beaten track.

1- The garden of the Villa Thuret

The first of the 5 secret places to discover in Antibes is the botanical garden of the Villa Thuret located at 90 chemin Gustave Raymond. This garden created in 1857 at Cap d'Antibes is home to 2000 trees including rare plant species on an area of 3.5 ha.

More than a simple green space, the garden of the Villa Thuret is a real open-air laboratory managed by INRA. Botanists cultivate plants from distant countries in order to study the acclimatization of exotic species.

This garden is open from 8am to 6pm in summer and entrance is free.

2- The Safranier district

Although it is in the heart of Old Antibes, the quartier du Safranier is one of the 5 secret places in the City of Ramparts. Tourists walking along the ramparts to the beaches are so fascinated by the view of the sea that they often miss this little enclave.

This part of the old town is worth a visit, however, for its pretty cobblestone and flower-filled streets, including the rue du Haut Castelet and the rue du Bas Castelet.

Among the little-known treasures of this district, don't miss admiring the old Tourraque washhouse and a fountain in the shadow of the Laverie ramparts.

This tiny neighborhood is very peaceful, but it has such cultural importance that it has declared itself a free commune of Safranier and elected its own mayor! Many events are organized there.

3- The beach of Croupatassière

Impossible to list 5 secret places in Antibes without mentioning at least an intimate beach to enjoy the coastline away from the crowds.

For swimming and sunbathing off the beaten path, head to the Croupatassière beach! This small pebble cove located near a pine forest overlooks the sublime Bay of Billionaires and offers wonderful sunsets.

To get there, you will have to park your car and walk down Mrs L.D. Beaumont Avenue (where parking is prohibited). In front of the gate of the Eilenroc villa, follow the small path that goes down to the right. You will soon arrive in a small corner of paradise that has remained wild.

Attention: barbecues are strictly forbidden on this beach so please respect the place.

4- Saint-Bernardin Chapel

Less well known than the famous cathedral of Antibes, the chapelle Saint-Bernardin is one of the 5 secret places of the city. This 16th century chapel, nestled between the Place Nationale and Rue de la République, has been magnificently restored.

Even if its facade looks ordinary, you absolutely must enter to admire superb trompe l'oeil paintings, a magnificent starry ceiling and the statues of the saints, Saint-Jacques, Saint-Sébastien and Saint-Bernardin de Sienne.

5- The Postcard Museum

The last of the 5 secret places in Antibes is the Postcard Museum, which is more unknown than the Picasso Museum or the Peynet Museum.

Rich with over 3000 postcards old or more recent, this unusual museum traces the history of this means of correspondence. Come and discover amazing models such as phosphorescent cards or pull-out postcards.

This visit off the beaten track will undoubtedly make you want to send a postcard from Antibes to your loved ones!

Author: Audrey
Copyright image: Daderot
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